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Mineral Separations Lab (ERB-5114)

Mineral separation is housed in a comprehensive laboratory immediately adjacent and with direct access to the IGL Control Lab (ERB-5116). This lab houses three six-foot, Phoenix valve-controlled exhausted fume hoods housing:

  1. bromoform and methylene iodide based heavy liquids separations;
  2. rotary evaporation for heavy liquid/acetone reclamation;
  3. formic acid dissolution for biogenic phosphate separation

Other equipment for mineral separations and grain mount preparation include a Frantz Isodynamic Magnetic Barrier separator, a Buehler Isomet slow-speed wafering saw, a stereo-zoom optical microscopy workstation, and a specially-designed high-power ultrasonication and two-stage vortical washing device for the separation of heavy minerals from clay-rich samples.


Dedicated exhausted fume hood for bromoform and MEI-based heavy liquid separations.


Frantz Isodynamic magnetic barrier separator.


Buchi rotary evaporator and accessories for reclamation of heavy liquids.


Mineral separate storage and stereo-zoom binocular microscope workstation.


Buehler Isomet slow-speed wafering saw and accessories.
sonicator_340Custom high-power ultrasonication and two-stage vortical washing device forĀ  clay-rich samples.

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