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MKohn Facilities

Research integrates with several different laboratories, mostly here at Boise State, but including some others elsewhere.


For work on metamorphic rocks, electron beam imaging is carried out using BSE and CL on an SEM in Geosciences, and using BSE, EDS, and WDS (1-spectrometer) in Materials Science and Engineering. Trace element and low-precision geochronologic data are collected with the LA-ICP-MS facility in Geosciences. And any high-precision radiogenic isotope data are collected in the TIMS facility. Collaborations at other institutions include the ion microprobe facilities at UCLA and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and the electron microprobe facility at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

For work on fossils, trace elements and stable isotopes are collected in Geoscience’s LA-ICP-MS and stable isotope facilities. Occasional X-ray and Raman data are collected in Materials Science and Engineering, and in Electrical and Computer Engineering. We collaborate with numerous museums across the country, including the University of Florida, South Carolina State Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska State Museum, Idaho State Museum, Hagerman Fossil Beds, and John Day Fossil Beds.

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