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MKohn Teaching

I am responsible for teaching a variety of courses covering mineralogy/petrology and stable isotopes/paleoclimatology. Generally speaking I get above average scores for teaching at all levels (see plot). Recent courses include:

GEOS 300. Earth Materials.

An undergraduate majors’ course in mineralogy and petrology

GEOS 324/345. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrography & Petrology.

These are two linked undergraduate majors’ courses in igneous and metamorphic petrology.

GEOS 350. Geology and Geography of the National Parks.

An elective course for students with an intro geology course. Involves a lot of student-directed learning.

GEOS 540. Tectonics Seminar.

A graduate course typically on the regional tectonics of an orogen of interest. Most recently the Scandinavian Caledonides

GEOS 607. Paleoclimatology & Paleoceanography.

A graduate course mostly focusing on paleoclimate ranging from the Archean to the present. A lot of emphasis on geochemical proxies, but also on the basics of what drives climate change, including anthropogenic drivers.

GEOS 636. Stable Isotope Geochemistry.

A graduate course in stable isotopes. Topics have included the theoretical development of stable isotopes, igneous/metamorphic petrology, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, the hydrologic cycle, anthropology, soils, and bird migration.

GEOS 497/597/697. Special Topics.

Lots of variety here. Topics have included Geochemical methods (readings), metamorphic phase equilibria, stable isotope methods (hands-on use of in-house instrumentation), biomineralization, geochemical kinetics, and paleoclimate.

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