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Boise State Online At A Glance

Annual Snapshot

Data for the 2022-2023 academic year, including Summer 2022, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

Enrollments and Credit Hours


Boise State’s eCampus has seen steady and substantial growth in the number of students enrolling in online courses. Since 2013, enrollments in online classes have increased¬† 223%. This has resulted in a 225% increase in credit hours produced by online courses.

Enrollment and Programming

Academic Departments

58 Departments with at least one distance-delivered course (84.06%)

25 Departments with an online certificate or degree program (36.23%)

4,346 Class enrollment sections

Unique Course Titles

998 Academic Courses

626 Professional Education Offerings

7 Concurrent Enrollment Courses


Boise State offered 83 online degree and certificate programs, ranging from freshly launched options that are still in the recruiting phase to programs with highly impressive numbers. For example, the largest graduate program, the Master of Social Work, had 433 students; the largest undergraduate program, Nursing RN to BS, had 778 students for this period. In total, there were 3,427 students enrolled in undergraduate programs and 1,983 students enrolled in graduate programs.

Compared to all Boise State students

Students taking one or more online courses

20,335 Students enrolled (unduplicated headcount) – 62.2% of all students

71,845 Registrations or enrollments – 34.25% of all registrations

195,686 Credit hours produced Р36% of all credit hours

Who and Where

Student Demographics

Student Location While Enrolled in Online Courses

63.34% Idaho

36.36% Other U.S. States

0.30% Non-U.S. Countries

Registration Status

Enrolled full-time: 66.89% of undergraduates and 26.78% of graduates


35 and older: 9.68% of undergraduates and 60.17% of graduates