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eCampus Center

Research and Innovation

The eCampus Center empowers faculty and staff with innovative practices, emerging tools, and dynamic research to support online student success

Support for Courses and Programs

Research and Innovation Services

The eCampus Center is dedicated to supporting online faculty with evidence-based practices and technologies for the delivery of high-quality learning experiences focused on student success.

Our team of experts can help you integrate innovative technologies and practices into your online courses and programs. We can also support you in utilizing and conducting high-impact research and evaluation related to the online learning experience.

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Improving the Online Experience

“It is hard to remember that there are actual human beings on the other side of the computer screen taking this course. They should remain just as “real” as our face-to-face students.

I have to create just as engaging of a course online as I should put the effort into for a face-to-face course. This is only fair to our students, and [it] shows them the level of respect I have for their education.”

—Course Design Faculty Participant