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eCampus Center

Online Program Development

The eCampus Center guides and supports a multi-semester program planning and development process. Our purpose is to facilitate skillfully designed, high-quality, online degree and certificate programs that are successful for adult learners, faculty, colleges and departments, as well as competitive in the online education market. Throughout the process, we work in partnership with the faculty, the academic department and the college to help shape the academic program.

Our Services

We customize program services based on partner needs. Partners can choose all services, some or a combination that works for them.

Program Development

The eCampus Center partners with Boise State University departments, colleges and professors to develop online programs and courses that are equal in rigor and quality to in-person options. This is a multi-step process that spans many semesters and undergoes vetting, state board approval, launch and then continuous review and improvement. Our services include:

  • Program feasibility analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Operations/logistics for program

Instructional Design

  • Online program design
  • Course development and faculty
  • Research on educational resources
  • Course delivery best practices

Enrollment and Student Success

The Extended Studies Enrollment and Student Success team partners with Boise State University colleges and departments to market their online programs to prospective students and once enrolled, see them through the program successfully. Their services to students and academic programs include:

  • Marketing plan development and deployment
  • Marketing support and communications
  • Recruitment
  • Navigating the admissions process
  • Student advising
  • Student success analysis
Senior Instructional Design Consultant, Nicolle Dickey, and Master Course Support Coordinator, Kim Harris, collaborate with Erik Hadley of University Foundations Faculty to assess the success of an online course they designed together.

“I appreciated the eCampus Center’s assistance with the Healthcare Simulation Certificate program. They made the process much smoother. There were many details that I was not aware of that eCampus Center helped us with.”

—Janet Willhaus, PHD, Simulation Center and Learning Labs Coordinator

Planning and Development Steps

This in-depth planning and development process is designed to ensure all new online degrees are well prepared and ready to launch. Throughout each stage of the process, student retention and graduation is the primary focus.

1. Feasibility

Analyze the research and facilitate discussions to make programmatic decisions

2. Operations

(ONGOING) Program structure and approvals

3. Design Process

Purposeful design of cohesive curriculum

4. Course Development

(ONGOING) Master courses produced with a multi-expert team approach

5. Enrollment and Student Success

(ONGOING) Comprehensive, customized, data-driven marketing and communication services

6. Launch

Students enrolled and first courses begin

7. Ongoing Support

Continue with course development and Enrollment and Student Success services

Time Commitment by Semester

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