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Course Design and Development

The eCampus Center team walks partners through planning, design, development and continuous improvement of online courses for all student audiences. A full range of support services is available for Boise State faculty.

Course Development

Why Collaborate With The eCampus Center?

Course Design and Development provides an opportunity for faculty to design and develop an online course that is of strategic importance to their department/college. The eCampus Center provides expertise in all aspects of online learning. The Course Design and Development process give faculty an individualized experience through consultations and just-in-time instruction on design strategies and technologies that faculty can use to build a high-quality online course.

What Resources Are Provided/Available?

  • Instructional Design Expertise: When you sign up to design and develop an online course, you will be paired with an Instructional Design Consultant to think through the design of your online course. The Instructional Design Consultant is an expert in online learning strategies that helps you think about your course from both a faculty and student perspective.
  • Quality Assurance Review: The Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinator will help make sure your vision for your course is completely realized. This expert reads through your course with a fresh perspective to help eliminate potential issues. The QA Coordinator also completes a thorough check to make sure your course layout and instructions to students are clear, consistent, and user-friendly.
  • Course Build Assistance: The Online Course Developer will build your course in the LMS (Learning Management System). This expert will make sure your course is user-friendly for students and functioning as you intended, as well as meeting accessibility standards for the university.
  • Multimedia Services: The Multimedia Developers can provide graphic design, video, and interactive graphics for use in your course, as well as guide you in the best practices of creating your own course content and video.
  • Accessibility and Copyright Guidance: The Content Accessibility Specialists provide expertise in copyright and accessibility to help your course meet applicable university policies and federal guidelines. They can also help you improve the accessibility of your course content.

When Does It Start?

Course Design and Development is a 14-week process with start dates that begin every 7-weeks, near the beginning and midpoint of each semester.

What Is The Time Commitment?

Approximately 8 hours per week for 14 weeks for a 3-credit course.

Am I Compensated For Course Development Work?

Faculty may be eligible for a stipend up to $1250 per credit up to a max of $3750 per course development project.

Why Should I Put My Course Online?

Online courses reduce barriers for students. They allow flexibility for students who cannot easily make it to campus due to work schedules, geographic location, or other reasons.

What About Course Quality And Continuous Improvement?

In an effort toward continuous course improvement, courses developed in partnership with the eCampus Center team undergo a Quality Matters™ Review. After the course has been taught, faculty have the opportunity to improve the course based on the results of the review through a course revision process.

Quality Matters™ Peer Reviews (QMPR)

Courses developed with the assistance of the eCampus Center that are primarily for campus-based students go through a Quality Matters™Peer Review. For each course, three peers, fellow Boise State faculty, conduct an in-depth evaluation based on nationally recognized course standards for online course design defined by the Quality Matters™program. Boise State faculty that would like to participate as peer reviewers may receive training through eCampus Center Faculty Professional Development in how to evaluate online courses using the Quality Matters™Standards.

Quality Matters™ Reviews

Courses developed for fully online programs go through an informal Quality Matters review. The course is reviewed by one or more eCampus Center staff members who are trained in the use of the Quality Matters standards.
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