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Boise State CAEP Accreditation

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The Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) at Boise State University are designed to promote the continual development of educators with an emphasis on P-12 student learning.

We strive to develop reflective, inquiring professionals who advocate for equity and possess the capacity for change within inclusive communities of practice.

Instructional Model and Core Practices

Boise State College of Education’s Instructional Model takes an inquiry stance to teaching and learning through the iterative process of planning, assessment and reflection. The three parts of the Standard Performance Assessment of Teaching (S-PAT), the final performance assessment a teacher candidate completes at the end of the program, aligns with the instructional model. The S-PAT includes Part 1 Unit Plan (planning), Part 2 Assessment Analysis (assessment) and Part 3 Concluding Reflection (reflection).

Click here to visit the Instructional Model and Core Practices page.

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