Licensure and Consumer Information

Boise State Educator Preparation Programs include initial and advanced level programs that lead to licensure through the Idaho State Department of Education.

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The information listed below includes links for the following areas related to licensure:

  • Idaho Certification Requirements
  • Idaho Certification Lookup
  • NASDTEC Interstate Agreement (i.e., reciprocity of licenses across states)
  • Idaho Certification Assignments

Idaho Certification Requirements

For more information about the licensure process, please visit the Idaho State Department of Education, Certification and Professional Standards. This department supports teachers, principals, and administrators seeking certification in Idaho.

Click here to visit the Idaho Certification and Professional Standards website.

Click here to visit the Idaho Professional Standards Commission website, which includes the Standards for Educator Preparation.

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Idaho Certification Lookup

The Idaho State Department of Education, Certifications and Professional Standards provides a certification lookup application tool on its website. This application allows for searches for educators who currently hold or have held Idaho certification.

Click here to visit the Idaho Certification Lookup Application website tool.

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NASDTEC Interstate Agreement

The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) interstate agreement is a collection of over 50 individual agreements by states and Canadian provinces that defines which other states’ educator certificates will be accepted by that state.

Click here to visit the NASDTEC interstate agreement website.

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What can I do with my certification?

Idaho State Department of Education has created the Idaho System for Educational Excellence (ISEE), a K-12 Longitudinal Data System that helps to deliver information to stakeholders involved in education.

ISEE provides an assignment credential manual that crosswalks types of certification with specific types of education employment opportunities.

Click here to visit the ISEE website.

Click here to reference the 2018-2019 SDE Assignment Credential Manual.

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