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Educational Technology

The education field is changing – fast. Technology is infusing the learning process with new ideas and new approaches. Now you can update your skills to help make learning fun, interesting and interactive.
EdTech at Boise State University gives you an innovative, 100% online program that meets your needs and fits your schedule. Our programs are designed to give you the skills you need to upgrade your career and most importantly: learn to be an even better educator.


Crisis Response – Preparing to Teach Online

I’ve been thinking a lot about possible responses to the school closures as a result of COVID-19. Although my expertise is in training K-12 online teachers, I don’t think that expertise is what is needed at this juncture. That will come later, after the dust settles. Teaching online is a paradigmatic shift in thinking that requires reflection, self-evaluation and a rethinking about the teachers role in the classroom. We cannot possibly expect this type of shift during a major crisis that has brought prevailing governments around the world to their knees. Instead, what we need are strategic plans for management of the crisis in a way that provides the least amount of trauma and disruption for our learners. We must also relieve some of the stress on teachers as they transition to a new set of expectations. Click to read more

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