For questions about admission, enrollment, or academic advising, contact Dixie Conner

Dixie Conner

Dixie Conner – Admissions Advisor

Phone: (619) 750-5450

Admissions and enrollments advising, application processing, Social Media Coordination.

  • Advise students regarding the specific requirements for admission into each of the degree programs offered by the Department.
  • Coordinate with Graduate College on application processing, from initial application to acceptance.
  • Support student needs until they complete 18 credits.
  • Coordinate all social media posting and analytics.

Current students needing help with appeals, mid-program, and end-of-program forms, contact Paul Castelin

 Paul Castelin

Paul Castelin – Student Advisory Coordinator
Phone: (208) 426-4314

Student Advisory Coordinator

  • Advise students after admission into the master’s program regarding procedural issues during their academic career, in consultation with the Graduate College and Registrar, and assist in their resolution.
  • Coordinate with the Graduate College and Registrar’s office the submission by the published deadlines of required forms to be filed by students during their academic career following admission.
  • Proactively contact and survey during their program to identify any issues requiring resolution and to increase student satisfaction with the amount and quality of assistance received during their program duration.


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