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Culminating Activities

Culminating Activities for Master’s Degrees

All students submit their Application for Admission to Candidacy when they have completed 18 units. Depending on your Master’s degree, also plan to complete one of the below culminating activities.

See deadlines on this page for Degree-seeking and Certificate Students!


The Office of the Registrar maintains the official Academic Calendars. However, be aware that dates may change, so check back periodically and watch for announcements on Canvas!


EDTECH 592 – Portfolio: This is a three-unit course normally taken in your last semester in the program. Your Portfolio is a broad-based selection of significant student work that is used to appraise your performance and professional development. A portfolio reflects the depth and breadth of a student’s educational growth since entering the graduate program. Portfolios may include but are not limited to, classroom examinations, journals, writing samples, publishable scholarship, professional projects, annotated bibliographies, and artistic endeavors. Your portfolio will be presented to and evaluated by your faculty committee. Pass/fail only.

The portfolio is required for students in the Master of Education Technology (M.E.T.) program who enrolled Fall 2008 and after.

It is recommended to NOT take an elective course at the same time as the portfolio in order to include as much of your course content as possible in your Portfolio, however, it is allowable under extenuating circumstances. All CORE courses; however, MUST be completed prior to the portfolio class. To determine which courses are core vs. elective, see Course Information:

Visit Online Application for Permission to Enroll in Portfolio

From your very first EDTECH course, you should begin organizing your artifacts, work samples, reflections, and other examples of learning in order to eventually create an electronic learning log. Some students choose to use a full-featured blogging program, such as ( to organize and present their work, whereas others opt for something like GoogleSites. Ultimately, the design is up to you and should reflect your own personality and goals. Remember, any learning logs you create for classes will be a work in progress, but can provide a significant boost for organizing your work and reflecting on it throughout the program.

Note: Please keep in mind that you might find many examples of portfolios created by graduates from our program. While many may seem to have similar structure and content, please keep in mind that the look and content of portfolios evolves over time. What you might find even from a previous semester might not be *exactly* the way it will be done when you finally take EDTECH 592. The important thing to keep in mind is that your work must align to AECT standards, you must reflect on how your work connects to research and theory, and you must be able to tells us how your work influences your professional practice. Examples of the kind of portfolio you must eventually produce will be available to you when you take 592.