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The Department of Educational Technology is a diverse network of education scholars, professionals, and candidates who:

  • Lead research and innovations in online teaching and learning,
  • Model, promote, manage, and evaluate digital-age teaching and learning resources in K-higher education environments,
  • Inspire creativity and expertise in digital media literacies,
  • Design and develop imaginative learning environments ,
  • Empower learners to be evolving digital citizens who advocate cultural understanding and global responsibility ,
  • Promote and pattern participatory culture, professional practice, and lifelong learning , and
  • Forge connections between research, policy, and practice in educational technology.

Education and technology have come full circle

Educational Technology is an innovative way to design, deliver, facilitate, and manage instruction for learners of all ages, whether it is face-to-face in a classroom, online, or a combination of methods. EdTech at Boise State is much more than multimedia add-ons. It’s a way of engaging learners to understand the implications of technology in today’s society, empowering them to think, supporting them to lead their own learning and career paths, as well as the learning of others.


Inclusive and Immersive

In Educational Technology at Boise State, you’ll choose from courses in technology integration, web design, flash, theory and skills of multimedia development, program evaluation, web-based video, virtual worlds for learning, instructional design, online teaching, online course design, project-based learning, educational games and simulations, grant writing, and much more. Course assignments are typically customized to your specific work environment–you can apply your learning today.

EdTech classes are typically hosted in Moodle, and we integrate a variety of additional synchronous and asynchronous communication tools (such as blogs, wikis, desktop video conferencing, and more) to support your overall learning experience.

Engaged and Interactive

With Boise State EdTech, you will interact with peers and faculty throughout your coursework, and establish a professional network to support you throughout your career. Learn about leadership by joining and participating in our Graduate Student Association. In our graduate certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs, we offer instruction online to students around the world, using inquiry-focused and project-based education.

EdTech emphasizes study in all levels of educational environments, from elementary through higher education. For information on similar courses and programs that focus on performance and learning in the workplace, please visit the program pages of the Department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL).