Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET)

The Master of Science in Educational Technology (M.S.E.T.) is a research-oriented, theory based master’s degree program. It is designed for students who have a focused research interest in a particular area of educational technology. Students will be expected to do graduate level research using advanced methodologies and complete a thesis at the end of their program. A thesis is a major research project that includes an in-depth literature review, a description of research conducted, analysis of results and a discussion of the data as it relates to one or more theoretical frameworks. Additional time (up to a year) is required to complete the thesis project.

Department Name: Department of Educational Technology

Official Degree Name: Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET)

Degree Type: Master of Science

The M.S.E.T. degree courses can apply to a doctorate if you are accepted into that program at a later date. There is no admission deadline for the M.S.E.T. Applications are accepted year round. No GRE scores are required The final M.S.E.T. culminating activity is a Portfolio project showcasing all work completed in previous classes.

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Estimated Costs

Starting in Fall 2019, the cost per credit is $478. Students need to complete 33 credits, so the cost for the program is $15,774 (maximum).

The College of Education also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. 

Estimated Cost of an Educational Technology degree

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