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Resources For Out of Town Graduates

This page contains resources for graduates who live out of town.

Can you recommend a good hotel near campus?

The following hotels are within 3 miles of the commencement ceremony location, most of them much closer:

Other hotels near Boise State can be located at:

Can I rent a house for my entire family?

Yes. There is a new online company that now offers home to rent in Boise. This firm typically leases homes for football games but recently added commencement dates. Learn more here

Where can I find things to do in Boise?

Where can I find things to do with kids in Boise?

Where can I read reviews about dining options?

How do I find evening entertainment?

  • Best of Boise – Bars and Nightlife

What kind of sports and recreation activities are available in Boise?

Who do I call for transportation?

    Boise Taxi Companies:

  • Boise City Taxi (208) 377-3333
  • Boise State Taxi (208) 703-6220
  • Idaho Cab Company (208) 376-6666

Where can I find local news and events?

Daily Newspaper:

Weekly Event News:

Television News Stations: