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Jody Beesley-Lazarski, M.E.T.

Jody Beesley-Lazarski

It’s been a while since I completed the M.E.T. program! I still teach video production at a high school but can’t tell you how much my skill set has come in handy over the years and even more now!! It has been a nice transition this week going back into my online learning world! I Just wanted to say thanks, Boise State’s EdTech program’s lessons are still in use in my daily life, now more than ever!

Michele HoganMichele Hogan, MET, School Technology Coordination (STC) Grad

“I have to say that my degree helped me immensely in moving to the next level of my career. I was an Instructional Technologist/Coach for five years after receiving my degree. However, I also got an administration degree and have moved on to another level in my career. My knowledge of technology and how it integrates with the curriculum is helpful now, but I do so little of what I used to do in my current role as Instructional Coach Coordinator in Schenectady, New York.”

Prudence Spooner, M.E.T.

Prudence Spooner

I just wanted you to know that I’ve learned so much about Edtech and myself my last two semesters. I’ve enjoyed my experiences at Boise State thus far. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Your courses make me feel like a kid in a candy store. I just want to take everything, because it sounds so interesting to me.

Sarah Thompson, M.E.T.

Sarah Thompson

Every child needs fair and equal access to education. We cannot expect to do these things using the same old approaches to learning. We must bridge the gaps using technology. That is exactly what we at Boise State are doing. Truly, I am proud to be a part of it and thankful beyond measure for the tools I received (and continue to receive) from Boise State to help me build, and continue to add to, those bridges.

Jill Aldrich, M.E.T.

Jill Aldrich

I feel like I’m learning more in this first semester at Boise State University than I did in 15 credits in my old master’s program. My instructors are wonderful and great at giving feedback. I will get this webpage thing down yet! :) I’m really enjoying the program, and I can’t wait to see what next spring holds. I’m so very glad that I transferred to Boise State University!

Vanessa Komperda, M.E.T.

Vanessa Komperda

The classes have helped me further develop personal interests in the technology field and how I can use it. I The classes, with all its abundant resources, aid in the setbacks and potential drawbacks of technologic methods and instruments. I still feel new to all of it, but it’s a good journey! I’m pleased to find the helpful directions and videos used on the course website to help a student get started on their assignment! I appreciate the instructor feedback, and how they’re always available for help when you let them know!
I’m happy to know that different people all over the state are taking these courses, it makes the culture of the course become, per se, more reflective! The feel of their experiences and interpretation of context become more meaningful than I previously experienced. I’m able to compare their differences with my own, but we all have very similar goals. :) I’m excited to continue and feel that I have more to learn!

Douglas Schunk, M.E.T.

Douglas Schunk

I really enjoyed my time working on my M.E.T. at Boise State. The courses were engaging and the professors were able to create a sense of community in spite of the students being all over the world. I’ll certainly encourage others to pursue a degree from Boise State EdTech.

Jan DeCosta, M.E.T.

Jan DeCosta

I am having the BEST time! I am learning so much and I am definitely being challenged and I love all the interaction with the other students. I feel like I am doing just what I am supposed to be doing at this moment and I really am having a blast! To be clear, I am working really hard but I am just enjoying every single moment! :)

Katie Jones, M.E.T.

Katie Jones

I’m happy to report that I am LOVING my classes and my professors and am learning more than I thought possible. Honestly, I’m amazed at what I’m able to do now that I could have never done a month ago.

David Bernheim, M.E.T.

David Bernheim

On a side note, I really appreciate all the encouragement Dixie​, my admissions adviser, offered me starting out,​ before I enrolled,​ and throughout my journey. However, she​ went above and beyond last month, talking me off the ledge after my father (olev hasholem) died. I turned in my work yesterday within the extension Dr. Yang provided. Please know I value Dixie’s​ input and involvement..

Holly Nelson, M.E.T.

Holly Nelson

I am absolutely loving my class, instructor, and classmates!!! It is everything I’d hoped for and more. Thanks for checking in. It’s incredible how much I’ve already learned. The quality of this program is exactly what I wanted!! I can’t say enough good things!!!! I wish I had time to take 2 classes at a time, but my life would be beyond crazy. So I’ll enjoy what I can accomplish at this point.

Buffy Naillon, M.E.T.

My book is on the best sellers list

Buffy Naillon

I stumbled upon the BSU Ed Tech program quite by accident. Since graduating with my undergraduate degree in 2009, I just started looking at the BSU website and exploring programs that I was unfamiliar with. That brought me to the online link on the main page and to the Ed Tech program. I can’t lie. The first thing that attracted me to the program was the idea that I could learn more about multimedia as well as using tools that I love like graphic novels and video games to teach. I myself had used German-learning video games extensively to get my language skills in shape as I studied German at the undergraduate level, and when I taught German last year at BSU, I regularly sent my students to YouTube, started forums on Facebook and introduced them to the video games that helped me. Finally, I applied to the program and was accepted. Although I still had my reservations about returning to school, I was thrilled when I got the acceptance letter from the program. I was also pleased to see the addition of classes that weren’t on the roster when I first started looking at the Ed Tech program (like mobile app development) and to see that professors in the program were earning impressive awards and starting interesting businesses based on their research at BSU. That encouraged me, because I felt like the program could open a lot of doors for me and be fun at the same time.

Hey Dixie and Paul, I just wanted to drop you a line since the two of you helped me get my book project approved in the grad college. It was released on Amazon (still working on the print version). It made it to the best sellers list!  The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky

Thank you so much again for all the legwork you did for me and the belief that you had in me and this project. EdTech really is the best department, because it has the best people!

Susan Ferdon, M.E.T.

Susan Ferdon

I have now completed the steps needed to have the Technology Specialist endorsement added to my Illinois teaching certificate. In addition to transcript review, to assure that my MET coursework met Illinois requirements, I was required to take a content area test. I am pleased to report that, in all sections, my scores were well above the minimum needed to pass and, on the Foundations of Technology in Education portion of the test, I earned a perfect score. More reasons for me to sing the praises of the Boise State’s Department of Educational Technology!

Cynthia Bowers, M.E.T.

Blackboard Administrator, East Carolina University

Cynthia Bowers

A new door, a huge door, opened for me when I discovered there was a master’s degree called Educational Technology. I taught part-time at a technical college in Montana where I became fascinated by the diverse learning styles of my students. Because I was an online undergraduate student, I was given the opportunity to teach online. From there, I was accepted into BSU’s Educational Technology master’s program. Today I am a Blackboard administrator and technology support specialist at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. With my professional experience and my fantastic education at Boise State, I am very well-suited for this job. I support and train faculty in the use of Blackboard as a learning management platform and I’ve found the instructors at ECU to be receptive to my instructional design knowledge and skills. Additionally, I create and design instructional materials and tutorials for all of the Blackboard tools. I also research new multimedia tools and technology. My job is customer-service oriented, technical, collaborative, and creative – just what I was looking for in a career. I was well prepared by my professors at BSU who were always encouraging, inspiring, and open to learning from their students. Collaborating with other online students from across the country and around the world made the Ed Tech courses even richer. I also feel fortunate to have been encouraged to “go for it” by two of Ed Tech’s biggest advocates – Jerry Foster and Paul Castelin. Their advice to get a certificate (Online Teaching was my choice) along with my master’s degree was wonderful advice! Having my master’s in Ed Tech from Boise State opened up a whole new door for me and provided me the opportunity to relocate to a new and friendly part of the country for a rewarding career.

Debbie Eisenach, M.E.T.

Debbie Eisenach

Prior to raising 3 children, I had a successful and satisfying career. Then I took time off to raise them but once they were all in school full-time, I found that I had some free time and wanted to update my skill set before reentering the workforce. Additionally, I am located overseas in Singapore due to my husband’s job so wanted a program that offered flexibility. I originally wanted to get a degree in education but this program proved to be a better fit with my technology background. There are many opportunities in educational technology beyond teaching. This program has proven to be exceptional. It offers an array of options to meet the individual needs and interests of each person. The faculty and staff are knowledgeable, dedicated and committed to insuring the success of all students. Studying in a virtual environment was exciting and engaging and I met some very smart and interesting people along the way. Going back to school after 15 years proved to be an overwhelmingly wonderful experience. After a 3 month job search, I found a job with a company that fit well with my background and utilizes the 21st Century skills that we focused on in the program. With finalsite I get to work with international schools throughout Asia and help them expand their web presence both internally and to the outside world. I can honestly say my degree really paid off! Thank you BSU.

Benjamin Lloyd, M.E.T.

Ben Lloyd

The master’s of Educational Technology program at Boise State has been amazing. Not only do professors  incorporate and discuss cutting-edge technologies in the classroom but they are also focused on providing the most current in teaching best practices from K-12 and beyond. It is apparent that the teachers themselves are huge technology proponents who are eager to stay current on today’s research-backed trends in education. The small class sizes and friendly staff create an intimate environment that isn’t necessarily typical of distance education. I would do this again and already have friends who I’ve recommended who are now taking the program.

Dee Winegar

Dee Winegar

Working towards a master’s degree was not easy as I tried to juggle family, church, and work, but it was well worth it because of the confidence and new skills that I developed along the way. I remember feeling inadequate more than once because of the fact that many of my classmates had years of professional experience and seemingly great knowledge about the various subjects we studied, but as we progressed through each semester, I was able to see that I could also produce quality work and did not need to feel inadequate at all. As a result of this confidence, I was able to contribute to class discussions and help others who may have been lacking some of that confidence at the time. I would recommend the EdTech program to any students who want to further their knowledge and skill in using and teaching with technology. The ability to tailor projects in each class to help me in my own classroom was very beneficial, and I believe the skills I learned will make me a better teacher. I am excited at what the future holds and am grateful for the foundation that the classes in the EdTech program have provided me.

Elizabeth Akosah

Liz Akosah

It’s been a magnificent journey with Boise State University and I loved every minute of it. With wonderful online professors, I was able to get my degree which I thought was impossible due to work constraints and family. The Educational Technology program at Boise State was perfect for me. I could reach my professors at any time day or night and they were always ready to assist me. Sometimes I even got one-on-one coaching. Can you imagine? I could do my assignments anytime, even when I was out of town. I want to personally thank all my online professors, especially Dr. Lisa Dawley who has been a valuable asset in my learning at Boise State and I appreciate her very much. She is a superb professor;  Dr. Barbara Schroeder for all the late night calls and her patience in helping me succeed; and Dr. Andy Hung for his technical expertise and his kind words when I thought I could not do it. Now I have the tools that I need to be a successful online teacher. Thanks to Boise State University, the EdTech program and all the professors.

Julian Riley, M.S.Ed

Multi-Camera Director, BYU Broadcasting

Julian Riley

I once heard that some of the best moments in our lives usually occur when our bodies and minds are stretched to their limits of voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. As someone with no formal education in classroom instruction [He was a television news director], I am able to say that Boise State’s EdTech program gave me everything I needed to achieve my goal of graduation. I feel so grateful that I had the chance to learn from very experienced professionals. Because of this degree, I have landed a job at Brigham Young University working in television and teaching as an adjunct professor. Any time anyone asks me about my master’s program, a smile comes to my face and I can’t help but get excited to retell my experiences. The study of educational technology opens the doors to educators and non-educators about the future of instruction and interactive web designs.

Keith Michael

Science Teacher, Weiner High School

Keith Michael

Learning institutions have to change and adapt to the times or … they will risk becoming obsolete. Learning is just a mouse click away today. I would never consider going back to a traditional classroom setting. Sitting in a classroom listening to a professor lecture is such a yawner. Just give me the information expected to be learned and let me have at it on the Internet. I’ve learned more from a couple of classes through Boise State online than I did in probably half of my undergraduate degree.

Scott Miles, M.S.Ed

Professional Photography Program Director, Brooks Institute

I was promoted as a result of my M.S. in Educational Technology from Boise State University (in addition to my previous work experience). Prior to earning my EdTech degree, I had a B.A. in Professional Photography and had worked as a commercial photographer for 20 years. I returned to my alma matter, Brooks Institute, in 2002 to begin teaching photography classes. I targeted the use of multi-media to enhance learning during my studies at Boise State University. Shortly after earning my M.S. degree, Brooks Institute embarked on the most major curriculum revision in over 25 years. Due to my degree, I was asked to serve as the curriculum revision facilitator. I spent about 8 months as curriculum designer, and then applied for the position of program director. I have served as program director for a few years now. As a result of my studies at Boise State University, I was able to move from being a teacher and subject matter expert (photography) into becoming a better educator. My insight into education and technology lead to obtaining the position of program director. I doubt I would have been selected for the promotion without my M.S. from Boise State University. More importantly, I would not have been able to complete and implement the major curriculum revision had it not been for the skills and competencies I gained from my studies at Boise State.

Charles Frode, Master’s Candidate

Charles Frode

I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled in this program, but I have been pleasantly surprised and my expectations have been more than fulfilled with respect to this program’s staff, courses, and on-line web classes. The staff members are deeply knowledgeable in all areas of content and they went out of their way for me to be accessible and helpful via phone, video, IM, and email. They not only are professional but also very human. The classes I took varied from a low slope learning curve to a steep almost insurmountable learning curve. Nevertheless, every teacher strove to help me learn the content and pass the class. All of the content was useful, and I am using much of the content at this moment in my public high school teaching, including design for the web and for hand-outs, and educational digital game principles, to name just two that stand out in my memory. I learned things I expected and wanted to learn, and I was immersed in new interesting content I never knew much about. Not only has my career been enhanced by the collaboration and new learning, but my own day-to-day work has been strengthened and expanded. I appreciate very much the effort instructors and support staff have extended and offered to me during this two year adventure. Thank you.

Rachelle Moss

Government Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Academy

I have a wonderful job that I never would have known about if not for my master’s degree. I teach high school government online for the Idaho Digital Learning Academy. I didn’t even know IDLA existed until I came to Boise State for graduation in December 2006. I was talking to one of my professors about how I wanted to stay home with my newborn baby and probably wouldn’t seek out a job, and she told me I should definitely apply because I could teach from home. I applied and I got the job and have been working there ever since. IDLA prefers teachers who have a master’s degree or higher, so I know having this degree helped me immensely. It also taught me a lot of things that are helping me be a better online high school teacher. Thanks!

Kim Gablemann

Coordinator of Instructional Design, Fairleigh Dickinson University

A few months after starting the EdTech program, I was hired as Coordinator of Instructional Design at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I owe the program a big thanks because I am sure that’s what helped me get my foot in the door. I love working for FDU and really enjoy what I’m doing. My role requires me to develop and teach faculty workshops, assist faculty members in designing their blended and online courses, explore emerging instructional technologies, etc. It’s great! I get to be creative, teach, and interact with the faculty. When I first started, the entire university was just switching over to Office 2007. I had previously taught Office classes for the Continuing Education Department at William Paterson University, so I was asked to teach many of staff and faculty workshops. It was a great way to jump in and meet everyone. After a month straight of teaching Office 2007, I was able to teach it in my sleep. In addition to my full-time position as coordinator of instructional design, I have also taught an undergrad Computer Technology in Business Communications course. It’s been a blast! What’s wonderful about our field of study, is that there are so many areas to step into. It’s constantly changing, and usually exciting!

Cassandra Mares

I am enjoying my classes very much so far! In just this short amount of time I have learned a lot more than I expected. It’s much more hands on than a lot face-to-face classes I have taken. Because I have had to take so much initiative on my own it’s been so much more rewarding these past few weeks. In Professor Haskell’s 501 class it’s been exciting to connect with my peers through Google + and since a lot of these same classmates are in my 502 class I’ve been able to communicate with them through there as well.

Jeanie Elder

Classes are going well! I’m really enjoying them, which makes me feel like I made a right choice by choosing this degree! It’s amazing how things are easier when you like to do it. I love my classmates- it’s refreshing to be around people that “get it.” My professors are wonderful as well, they are very clear and concise!

Megan Turner

Things are going well so far. My classmates are very involved and eager to collaborate ideas and tips with one another. It’s been great. My instructor is very kind and helpful. She is quick to answer any questions and point us all in the right direction when she feels like we are beginning to stumble. So far, so good!

Colleen Solomon

Things are going quite well for me in the program. I am learning more than I ever thought I could about technology. This program is amazing! I’ve always enjoyed working with computers, but I feel like now I actually know what I am doing. The instructors and classmates have all been incredibly helpful. I am thankful that I found this program.

Antonio Romero

I am fully enjoying the classes I am currently taking. I have learned a great deal in the few short weeks classes have been in session. Both of my current professors have been great at providing meaningful feedback. They are also very clear about what is expected in each course. I am happy to have chosen Boise State for my graduate work. I am excited for the next two years.

Emilia Caturano

I am very happy with my classes. I am enjoying the learning styles from both of my classes and I am definitely learning a lot. I love the hands-on aspects of 502 and the readings for 501 are interesting perspectives in comparison to readings from my previous program. My classmates are wonderful and so eager to help one another and get involved in each other’s work.

Mike Pennella

When Mike Pennella left behind his two-decade career in marketing analytics to tackle new, educational related challenges, he knew that he was going to need a killer portfolio to break into the industry. Although based in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Mike chose Boise State’s EdTech Masters program because it offered not just a theoretical grounding, but also pragmatic, cutting-edge courses in topics like edutainment, network learning and virtual world teaching that could support the creation of an out-of-the-box professional portfolio. To demonstrate requisite graduation proficiency, Mike first created his AECT standards driven BSU portfolio. From there, Mike put his newly BSU acquired social media and programming skills into action and crafted his custom WordPress based ReinventEd professional blog/portfolio site. While Mike is currently weighing longer-term options, his portfolio work has already earned him a prestigious Visiting Media Artist grant at Lafayette College this winter and spring.

Cory Gaskell, M.E.T.

Cory Gaskell

I couldn’t be more happy with everything pertaining to my classes. I have already learned so many things that I will be able to apply directly into my classroom. My technology skills are soaring to new heights! The instructors are great and have been there for any questions I’ve had. My classmates have provided great feedback and have also taught me some things along the way. The program has given me a new inspiration for learning new things and I feel reinvigorated as a person and an educator. As you can tell I’m having a great experience thus far. Have a great day!

Ryan Deems, M.E.T.

So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience in the program and expect it to continue. Everyone I have dealt with has been kind and understanding, which I truly appreciate. I think I made the right decision by picking the EDTECH program here.

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