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Transfer Credit Policy

Boise State Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit is academic credit that is awarded to a student by another college or university and is approved for application to  the requirements of a graduate certificate or degree at Boise State  University. Transfer credit must satisfy the following restrictions:

  1. Transfer credit must be academic credit representing a grade of A or B awarded by a regionally accredited U.S. college or university  or by a non-U.S. institution of higher education that is approved for transfer purposes by the Registrar; continuing education  units (CEU) and other non-academic credits  are ineligible for  transfer credit.
  2. Culminating activity courses, courses where the grade is based  only on attendance, and courses representing experiential learning, regardless of the level (undergraduate or graduate), are ineligible for transfer credit.
  3. Credit applied to meet the requirements of a previously earned degree of any type at another institution is ineligible for use as  transfer credit. The only exception is that credit applied to a  previously earned master’s degree at another institution may be applicable as transfer credit to a doctoral degree.
  4. Application of transfer credit must be approved by the academic unit responsible for the graduate program. (See notes from EDTECH below) The maximum transfer credit that can be applied to meet the  requirements of a graduate certificate or degree is limited by the fundamental requirement that at least two thirds of the total credit  requirement for the degree or certificate must be earned at Boise  State University since admission to the program. An academic unit  responsible for a particular graduate program may impose a more  restrictive transfer policy (fewer allowed transfer credits) for that  program. In the case of a cooperative graduate program offered by Boise State University and the University of Idaho and/or Idaho State University, a more liberal transfer policy (more allowed transfer  credits) is permissible but only if the Graduate Council has approved a higher transfer credit limit for the program.

The EDTECH Department also requires the following:

  • The coursework cannot be earned more than 5 years prior to application date.
  • A syllabus and catalog description must be presented to the  department for each transfer course, noting whether it might substitute for a specific EdTech core course or be transferred as a general elective.
  • If the above-noted stipulations are met, master’s  degree applicants are generally allowed to transfer up to nine semester credits (13.5 quarter credits) and certificate only students are generally allowed to transfer up to three semester credits or 4.5 quarter credits.

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