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Application Information

Teacher Education and Professional Year applications for Fall 2021 are now closed. Applications are being reviewed and interviews are in the process of being scheduled. Please watch your email for updates and information.

Need more information? Schedule a time to meet with College of Education academic advisors, or your program advisor (for secondary education students).

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Applications for Fall 2021


Teacher education and professional year applications for Fall 2021 are due Friday, February 5, 2021 by 5:00pm (MT).

Taskstream Codes


Select “Elementary” for the following programs:

Elementary Education, TESOL, Special Education, Early Childhood and ALL dual certification programs

Taskstream Code for Elementary


Select “Secondary” for the following programs:

All 6-12 content areas (e.g., History, English, etc.) and K-12 content areas (e.g., P.E., Music, Art)

Taskstream Code for Secondary

Taskstream Workshops

Attend one of the Teacher Education Application and Interview Workshops! This workshop will be held three separate times, it’s the same information so just choose the date and time that works best for you. All three sessions will be held live and online via Zoom, and recordings will be made available.

Workshop 2

Tuesday, January 26

4:00 – 5:00 PM (MT)

Zoom link

Workshop 3

Saturday, January 30

10:00 – 11:00 AM (MT)

Zoom link

Applying to the Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education Application Information

Before students may take upper-division education courses, students must apply to be admitted into Teacher Education. Applications are accepted twice per year, and are submitted through Taskstream. Instructions for creating a Taskstream account will be available on this page during specific windows of time (August/September and January/February). Students must meet required admission criteria (GPA, coursework, test scores, etc.) to be considered for admission. 

Admission Deadlines

  • Admission for Fall semester: Applications due first Friday in February.
  • Admission for Spring semester: Applications due third Friday in September.

Application and Interview workshops, designed to support students through the process, will be conducted prior to the application deadline. Please check your Boise State email for days and times of these workshops. Flyers will also be posted throughout the Education building.

How To Apply to Teacher Education

What you need

The following materials are required to be included with the application into Teacher Education.  These admissions materials will be submitted electronically through Taskstream. Additional items will be required through Taskstream. 

1) Letter of application – Addressed to the Teacher Education Program Admissions Committee, describing in approximately 1-page:

  • your professional experiences relevant to a school teaching program
  • reasons for interest in the program, including strengths you bring and perspectives about the role of the teacher and the contributions you hope to make as a teacher
  • career goals

2) Core Praxis I test scoresheet – The Praxis I Math/Core Academic Skills for Educators: Math test (#5732) is required for all Elementary, TESOL, Early Childhood, and Special Education students. NOTE: The Praxis exam will be changing from #5732 to #5733 effective September 2019.  The test must be completed/passed (minimum score of 150) PRIOR to applying for the teacher education program. Official scores will be sent by, via email, directly to the student. 

3) Written case study response: details will be provided on Taskstream.

If you meet all admission requirements (coursework, GPA, test scores, etc.), you will be invited to participate in a structured interview with members of the Teacher Education Program Admissions Committee.  You will be contacted via email to set up your interview date/time.  Following the interview, you will be notified of the Committee’s decision through a letter posted on Taskstream. 

Teacher Education Contact

If you have any questions about the teacher education application process, please contact Shelley Jund (208) 426-2708,

Teacher Education Interview Information

*Please note that the interview process may vary within the Secondary Education programs. Please contact the respective program coordinator for more information.

The interview will consist of two parts: 1) your prepared statement and 2) committee questions. A typed outline of your prepared  statement must be uploaded to Taskstream AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior to your scheduled interview. Assessment criteria for the interview are available on Taskstream.

You will present a clear, concise oral statement of no more than EIGHT MINUTES addressing the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to teach?
  2. What goals should a good educator attempt to accomplish with students?
  3. Which areas of professional skills development do you identify as your strengths and which need more work?
  4. What are your future professional goals?

Following your statement presentation, the committee will discuss with you the areas they feel will be most helpful to your professional development. This may involve, but is not limited to, asking questions related to your presentation. The interview is designed to offer you the opportunity to:

  • Reflect seriously on the profession of teaching
  • Organize and express your thoughts into a personal goal statement
  • Exhibit professional behavior and temperament
  • Examine indicators for your future success as an educator

Be sure to practice your oral statement so you cover everything you hope to within the time allotted. Clarity and organization are key to a successful presentation. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the interview process with your advisor prior to your interview.

The following information will be evaluated during the Teacher Education interview:

Presentation Skills

Content: Addressed topics assigned; discusses philosophy and reasons for teaching: thoughtful statement with attention to issues of personal and professional value.

Quality: Prepared; properly paced; compelling speaker and insightful communicator; responsive to interview committee questions/comments


Progress in program of study to date: GPA; required coursework; adjudication

Case Study Response: Demonstrates creativity and critical thinking;; organized; connects to self, others, and practice; genuine and purposeful response


Character: Exhibits self-awareness, balance, and humility

Care: Exhibits receptivity, connectivity, and civility

Pedagogical Stance: Exhibits educator identity, adaptability, and capacity for change

Professional Commitment: Exhibits advocacy, professionalism, and dedication

Professional Year Application Information

To continue to advance through and complete the program, students must apply for admission to the Professional Year. Applications are accepted twice per year, and are submitted through Taskstream.

  • If you applied for Teacher Education in Taskstream, you will just log-in to your Taskstream account and go to the “Applications” program.  The Professional Year application is in the same area as where you applied for Teacher Education (left-hand column).
  • If you did not apply for Teacher Education through Taskstream, but already have a Taskstream account from a course, you will need to follow the “Self-Enrollment” instructions.  Instructions will be posted during the open application session.
  • If you do not have a Taskstream account at all, you will need to follow all of the instructions above for applying to Teacher Education.

Students must meet required admission criteria (GPA, coursework, test scores, etc.) to be considered for admission.

  • Admission for Fall semester: Applications due first Friday in February.
  • Admission for Spring semester: Applications due third Friday in September.

The following materials are required to be included with the application into Professional Year:

  1. Background Check and Fingerprints: students can pick up background check forms from the Office of Teacher Education (Education Building – room E222). If you believe that you have clearance from another agency, please confirm with the Office of Teacher Education. Documentation must be submitted to the Office of Teacher Education by the application deadline.
  2. Praxis II scoresheets: Each degree will have a specific set of Praxis II exams to be taken. Please confirm the appropriate exam numbers with your advisor. Praxis II exams must be completed/passed PRIOR to applying for professional year. Note that receipt of official scores can take up to four weeks following the test date.
  3. Current professional resume:  if you need assistance creating or updating your resume, please contact the CAREER CENTER

Professional Year Contact Information

If you have any questions about the professional year application process, please contact Lori Pierce-French (208) 426-1528, 

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