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Academic Coaching Agreement

Coaching Agreement

Scope of Coaching:

Academic coaching is individualized for each student and requires several one-on-one meetings between a student and a trained coach. The coach will offer meaningful questions and suggestions to help students become more effective learners. The student will create short-term and long-term goals and will work with the coach to accomplish the goals.

Coaching Expectations:

  1. Student and coach will meet 4-12 times throughout the semester
  2. Meetings will be limited to 30-60 minutes per week
  3. The student should choose a distraction-limited environment for the meeting
  4. Meetings will be one-on-one, between the student and coach, unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed upon
  5. Students must be attentive during the meeting, an in-person or Zoom meeting with the camera on is preferred
  6. Arriving late to a scheduled meeting will reduce the allotted time in a coaching session
  7. Advance notice should be given to the coach if the student is unable to attend a scheduled appointment
  8. Missing 3 or more appointments, without providing notice to the coach, may result in a conversation to reevaluate services
  9. Topics will be limited to issues relating to the academic environment; referrals may be given if additional support is needed

Coaching Relationship:

The relationship between the Coach and the Student is strictly professional. The role of the Coach is to provide support services and not to engage in personal relationships outside of the ACES program with the students they serve. The coach may not be able to accept gifts or social media friend/follower requests.

Records and Confidentiality:

Notes of the coaching sessions will be permanently stored in the TRIO ACES database. Notes will be brief, only to serve as a generalized overview of the discussions. Professional staff and interns within the TRIO ACES program will have access to the notes.

To ensure the academic success of the student, the coach may need to discuss academic circumstances with other professionals on campus. In doing so, every effort will be made not to disclose the identifying information of the student being discussed without expressed or written consent. However, there may be some situations in which it is necessary to share a student’s information with other professionals. Such situations include:

  1. 1. If the coach is concerned the student is a danger to themselves or others
  2. 2. If the coach becomes aware of the student’s involvement in abuse of children, elderly, or disabled persons
  3. 3. If the coach is otherwise required by law to disclose information

Additionally, if there is an immediate concern regarding the student’s well-being and personal safety then a CARE of Dean of Students referral may be submitted to ensure the proper support is in place.

Student Agreement:

By participating in Academic Coaching, I agree to:

  1. 1. Come prepared to appointments and ready to lead the process
  2. 2. Be willing to discuss and explore factors such as study habits, motivation, and behaviors that could be impacting academic success
  3. 3. Take steps towards my goals in between appointments and honestly discuss progress and challenges
  4. 4. Be open to feedback
  5. 5. Be accountable for the aspects of my academic success over which I have control

Academic Coaching Agreement

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