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    1. 1. I am required to arrive at my tutoring appointment on time, either in person or remotely. I will make every effort to notify my tutor of cancellation 24 hours in advance. Canceling with less than 24 hours' notice is only reserved for emergencies.
    2. 2. If I fail to show up for my appointment without notification or cancel my appointment with less than 24 hours notice without good reason, my tutor will file a report and further consequences will be held against me.
    3. 3. I understand that if I miss or cancel my appointment three (3) times, I will have a conversation with my TRIO ACES specialist and my free tutoring privileges may be terminated.
    4. 4. I agree to make a good faith effort to come to each session with a list of prepared questions, having read all necessary material, bringing my lecture notes, and having completed class assignments and homework to the best of my ability. I will also provide a copy of my course syllabus to my tutor to help them adequately prepare for our sessions.
    5. 5. I understand that my tutor’s job is to help guide my understanding of the course content and to share strategies to help me learn and study more effectively. My tutor is not a substitute for the professor and will not complete any assignments, essays, or quizzes/tests for me.
    6. 6. I understand that tutoring must take place on campus in public areas.
    7. 7. I understand that any issues not directly related to course material must be brought to the attention of my TRIO ACES specialist or professor and not my tutor.
    8. 8. I understand that if I drop my class, I must notify my tutor and my TRIO ACES specialist immediately.
    9. 9. I understand my responsibilities as they are outlined above. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and, upon signing, will adhere to the responsibilities listed above. If any issues arise, I will contact my TRIO ACES specialist immediately.
    10. 10. I have committed to receiving tutoring each week. This is time that my tutor has set aside to be with me and for which my tutor is being paid. I realize that missing a session results in lost wages for my tutor. If it becomes clear that I do not need tutoring or if I need less tutoring each week, then I will contact TRIO ACES immediately to let them know.
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