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TRIO STEM Scholars Enrollment Agreement and Community Contract

What is TRIO STEM Scholars?

TRIO STEM Scholars (TSS) is a federally funded TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) grant program based in the Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunities (CMEO) located at Boise State’s College of Education. The grant is funded to serve 120 total student participants. TRIO programs share the mission to provide opportunities and encouragement to facilitate the achievement and college graduation of their participants. We offer a multi-faceted support unit—offering academic assistance and encouragement for our eligible scholars. 

TRIO Outcomes:

  1. Students will leave TSS with an empowered sense of their self-identity and greater awareness of other identities enriched through their TRIO cohort and TRIO community engagement.
  2. Students will leave TSS with an increased ability to think critically about how to cultivate a network of connections and about their own role in an organization or community, including the exploration of leadership roles.
  3. Students will leave TSS with a greater self-efficacy around their ability to effectively navigate resources and build on their own personal resiliency in the face of obstacles.

TRIO Core Values:


    • Go beyond what is required in order to achieve my goals.
    • Demonstrate the energy and commitment to continuously improve.
    • Practice self-advocacy and reach for support when needed

Commitment to Excellence

    • Strive to meet the highest standards of performance in all that I do.
    • Trust my ability to succeed and reach for my goals
    • Pursue my academic goals with passion and enthusiasm.


    • Take personal responsibility for my actions, decisions and their results.
    • Delivering on promises that I make to myself and others.
    • Exercise good judgment in the ways I conduct and present myself.


    • Seek opportunities for self-development and personal growth
    • Challenge myself to transform every difficulty I face into a learning opportunity
    • Think critically about my beliefs, views, and ideas


    • Embrace diversity and inclusion by treating others with respect and promoting equity towards all.
    • Communicate honestly and sensitively to promote cooperation and collaboration
    • Serve as someone who others look to as a leader for inspiration, encouragement, and support.   

TRIO Staff:

  • Educational Specialist: The Educational Specialist is a holistic academic, co-curricular, and socioemotional supporter. Although their role will serve as academic co-advisors, along with your University academic advisor in your major, their role will be much more comprehensive. They will be available to help you identify resource referrals, to help with financial aid and financial literacy, to discuss leadership possibilities, graduate school planning, and career exploration. They will also serve as the instructor for the Common Course/Group Advisory.
  • Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator will also serve as an Educational Specialist to some students in the program. However, their role will primarily be to guide and direct TRIO STEM Scholars in the everyday operations and management. The Program Coordinator will oversee the design, implementation, and assessment of all program-wide initiatives, including a primary programmatic experience for students (TBD) that they will direct. Some of these initiatives include, but are not limited to: Common Course/Group Advisory design; leadership/undergraduate research, etc.
  • Administrative Assistant and Tutoring Coordinator: This individual will be handling various administrative tasks throughout our office and you will often see them in our office. Your primary contact with them will be as our Tutoring Coordinator if you request tutoring services. They will coordinate between you and the tutors that will be hired to help you. Tutors are current college students who have demonstrated success in the courses in which they are tutoring. 
  • Web Specialist: This person is our program technology and web design specialist. They will manage our website content and assist with our grant reporting, among other things. You will see them at our events often as our photographer/digital media editor and digitally communicating important news and updates to you from our program. 
  • Director: Manage the strategic parts of our program, including budget writing, grant reporting, grant compliance, and overall management of our program. You will see them at our program/community events and throughout the office. 

Why a Community Contract?

TRIO pledges to you that we will provide all of our services to you at no-cost and, more importantly, will commit everything we are able toward expanding your learning opportunities and supporting your journey toward earning your college degree. As a staff, we also pledge to commit ourselves to demonstrating the TRIO Core Values within our program and community. In return, we ask that you take this opportunity seriously and commit yourself to being an active and engaged member of our TRIO community. As a new member of TRIO STEM Scholars, we are asking that you commit to the following expectations:

  • I will commit myself to obtaining my bachelor of science  degree within a six-year period of my enrollment into TRIO STEM Scholars. 
  • I will participate in the required TRIO Orientation (Fall Semester) and TRIO Spring Kick-Off (Spring Semester). 
  • Meetings with my TRIO Educational Specialist:
    • I will meet with my assigned TRIO Educational Specialist (Amanda or Ryan) at least once a month over the course of the next academic year. I will continue to meet with my TRIO Educational Specialist twice a semester, each subsequent year, until I graduate.
    • I will notify my Educational Specialist of any changes regarding my academic plans, including change of major, anticipated graduation date, full-time attendance, etc.
    • To ensure my academic success as a student, the TRIO STEM Scholars staff may also discuss academic circumstances with other professionals at the University.
  • I will commit to the completion of my TRIO Financial Literacy Program by the end of my first academic year. 
  • TRIO Sponsored events:
    • I will attend at least one TRIO sponsored event each semester, not including TRIO Orientation or TRIO Spring Kickoff. 
  • I understand that my personal information and circumstances are confidential, with the following limitation required by law:
    • Where there is reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect to children or the elderly;
    • Where there is a concern about danger to yourself or others;
    • Where the TRIO STEM Scholars is ordered by a court of law to disclose information


Your photo may be used on our marketing materials, including, but not limited to our website, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials. 



Please sign and date below to acknowledge that you have read and understood the TRIO Enrollment Agreement.

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