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Books in Every Home shares the gift of reading with elementary students

Carissa Schlachter reads a book to elementary students
Teacher education student Carissa Schlachter reads to first grade students at Future Public School March 9.

Boise State students participating in the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program Books in Every Home visited Future Public School in Garden City March 9th to read to first graders and hand out goodie bags filled with new and donated books for kids to take home. Donated books were collected on campus in February as part of a book drive sponsored by the program.

Participating Boise State students like teacher candidate Carissa Schlachter, read to first graders before giving out the book bags. In addition to making sure elementary students have books to read at home, Boise State students from multiple disciplines across campus participating in the Books in Every Home program read aloud to community students in schools.

“Class visits like this one are the signature event of the Vertically Integrated Project that students prepare for all semester,” said Tara Penry, English professor and VIP coach for Books in Every Home. “They plan activities that include grant writing and fundraising, research on children’s literature, hosting and publicizing book drives, and more.”

Books in Every Home is a community based VIP project housed in the College of Innovation and Design that raises funds to get high-quality and inclusive books in the hands of low-income elementary students. Boise State students who participate in the program work with faculty, teachers and community partners to plan curriculum-appropriate reading activities like the event at Future Public School and earn credit toward their degree.

-Carrie Quinney, College of Education