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Aida Midgett honored at game for innovative research

Aida Midgett Photo: Carrie Quinney

Aida Midgett, professor and chair of the Department of Counselor Education, was selected for Boise State’s “This is Blue Turf Thinking” campaign for her innovative anti-bullying training program called STAC. She was recognized on the Blue Turf at halftime during the Boise State vs. Air Force football game Saturday, October 16 and featured in the accompanying football program.

The This is Blue Turf Thinking campaign recognizes innovation, research strengths, academics and creativity at Boise State by leveraging the national brand recognition of the Blue Turf. Midgett’s trademarked anti-bullying training program was developed with Diana Doumas, professor of Counselor Education.

The program is called “STAC” for the four strategies it encompasses that help students defuse bullying: “Stealing the show,” “Turning it over,” “Accompanying others,” and “Coaching compassion.” Students are introduced to the concepts through a 90-minute initial session followed by monthly check-ins. Students are taught how to intervene if they observe their peers being bullied using tactics like humor to distract and defuse the situation in a way that young people are likely to respond to.

Randomized, controlled trials showed STAC-trained students gained greater knowledge and awareness of bullying as well as greater confidence to intervene. The studies also showed the program increased a sense of belonging, raised self-esteem and decreased anxiety and depression in students compared to those who did not receive the training.

Midgett was featured in Boise State News in March 2020 for the newly-created program, as well as for her collaboration with Boise State’s Office of Technology Transfer to get the program into schools. You can read the article here:

Education faculty creates trademarked bullying intervention program



Aida Midgett honored at game for innovative research