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Celebrating First-Generation Students: Katie Kadrmas

Katie Kadrmas
First-generation student Katie Kadrmas recently came to Boise State to study Criminal Justice with the support of the TRIO Academic Coaching & Educational Support (ACES) program. She plans to study law after earning her bachelor’s degree.

Growing up in Caldwell, Katie Kadrmas has always loved school despite the challenges she faced as a person who was born blind and whose parents had limited education. What some might perceive as obstacles, Kadrmas has always been determined to adapt and thrive. “I’ve had my whole life to learn how to do things differently, and I’ve always been excited to go to college,” said Kadrmas.

Kadrmas arrived at Boise State this past August after transferring from community college. Once on campus, Kadrmas applied to the TRIO Academic Coaching & Educational Support (ACES) program and has received individualized support as a first-generation student with a disability. Kadrmas’s ACES advisor Amanda Stewart has helped Kadrmas navigate Boise State’s campus and larger classes, and is helping Kadrmas find and apply for academic scholarships. The ACES program also offers academic coaching and testing strategies that provide extra help to students like Kadrmas beyond the accommodations she receives as a student with a disability.

Though she sometimes struggled with grades in high school, once Kadrmas made it to college she realized she had big dreams. Originally planning to be a doctor, Kadrmas is now a junior criminal justice major who plans to study law after she earns her bachelor’s degree in May 2023. Her interest in law was sparked as a high-schooler when her class participated in a mock trial. “I played defense attorney and I loved it,” said Kadrmas. She currently lives on campus and recently joined the Pre-Law Society where she has learned about the application process for law school and is meeting fellow pre-law students.

Kadrmas has come a long way from the struggles she faced growing up, and her experiences at Boise State with ACES and faculty have reinforced her enthusiasm for continuing on a path to law school. “My experience on campus has been great,” said Kadrmas. “My professors ask me what I need in class and they have helped provide anything I needed.”

In recognition of the annual First-Generation College Celebration on November 8, the College of Education is profiling outstanding first generation students November 8-12. The Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunities, housed in the College of Education, includes a variety of programs that support first-generation college students.

Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunites

Katie Kadrmas