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Celebrating First-Generation students: Raheem Mohamed

Raheem Mohamed
First-generation student Raheem Mohamed has found success through the TRIO Upward Bound and TRIO STEM Scholars programs. He hopes to one day provide dental care and education to rural and underserved areas.

Raheem Mohamed began his journey to college in high school through the TRIO Upward Bound program, which provides a pathway for students like him who are from immigrant and low-income backgrounds to go to college.

Once at Boise State, Mohamed immediately connected with the TRIO STEM Scholars program on campus for the support system he would need to succeed at Boise State.

“TRIO STEM Scholars helped me with my educational journey and creating a community at Boise State with peer-to-peer support and encoragement,” said Mohamed. “My advisor, Ryan Brevik, helped immensely in creating a roadmap to get into dental school after graduation.”

In addition to the support he received from TRIO, Mohamed’s family has been a bedrock of support all along, pointing him toward higher education as an opportunity they didn’t have as immigrants fleeing war.

Mohamed will graduate with a Multidisciplinary Studies degree with a minor in Biology so he can go on to dental school. He plans to pay his experience forward by working in rural and underserved areas as a oral healthcare professional and advocate.

Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunites

Raheem Mohamed