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Research and Community Partnerships

We embrace and engage in our vision for excellence in teacher education, graduate programs, doctoral study, research and external funding, founded on community and partnership relations.

Our work transcends boundaries and disciplines in order to answer questions and problems that are happening now.

Centers and Institutes

The mission of the Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities (CMEO) at Boise State University is to encourage and facilitate academic achievement and personal growth among under-represented groups in our schools and communities and to foster and celebrate human diversity.

The mission and functions of the Center for School and Community Partnerships (CSPS) continue to guide the development of a network of school improvement efforts, the provision of technical assistance to participating schools and communities, and the facilitation of external fundraising to support CSPS efforts.

Research, Initiatives and Projects

In addition to partnerships with schools and districts across the state of Idaho, Boise State College of Education serves the community through research projects and initiatives. Although each project varies in perspective and purpose, the partnerships share a common vision: to improve learning and success for all of Idaho’s students and beyond.

Research to Enrich Practice

We help find answers to problems to best serve Idaho’s PK-12 classrooms, communities and beyond. Our collaborative work includes partnerships across campus, within Idaho, around the country, and with other countries and universities from around the world.

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