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You have so much to share

Become involved with the Boise State and Boise State Teacher Education student community through the resources listed below.

Find new ways to support your interests and passions, and help make your campus and community a better place.

Student Life

Get Involved

Find student organizations and interests from across the university

Teacher Education Ambassadors

The student organization for teacher education students

Events and Fun

Meet new people and try new things

Find Your Community

Find opportunities to celebrate and connect

Student Life

The Basics, Well-Being, and more

Support your best student self

There are a variety of university and college resources here for you. Find the best supports for your path towards academic success and beyond.

Campus Resources

Campus Life

Learn more about #BoiseState life

Academic Advising (undergraduate)

Schedule an appointment with Brad or Rachel

Academic Calendar

Office of the Registrar

Scholarship FAQs

Everything you need to know

College of Education Scholarships

Scholarships in the College of Education

Graduate Forms and Guidelines

Graduate College Forms

Graduate Student Success Center

Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Funding Opportunities

Graduate Funding and Cost

Graduate Assistantships in the College of Education

Application page

Make College Count

Boise State Career Services

What's your story?

Tell us more about your world and life at #BoiseState. Connect with and tag @BoiseStateCOED to share with our community.

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