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Celebrating First Generation Students – Monty Phipps-Gallegos

Monty Phipps-Gallegos portrait

First-generation student Monty Phipps-Gallegos always knew he would pursue higher education. With a parent who graduated high school but didn’t attend college, and another who left school in 8th grade, Phipps-Gallegos often heard from his dad that he wanted his children to go farther than he did with education.

Phipps-Gallegos heard about TRIO Rising Scholars while looking at college scholarships. He embraced the program as he enrolled at Boise State to study psychology after considering becoming a combat medic. The TRIO program has been instrumental in making his experience at Boise State a success. The program’s goal is to help eligible students like Phipps-Gallegos earn their four-year degree and develop into scholars that are well prepared for their future careers and/or graduate programs.

“TRIO has been super supportive with resources, the monthly meet ups with support staff help direct us if we need to get in contact with someone or with tutoring,” said Phipps-Gallegos. “They absolutely do a lot to help out. I’m also good friends with some of the people I’ve met in the program.”

Being involved in the community and helping others are things Phipps-Gallegos is passionate about. He works for Boise mayor Lauren McLean’s campaign as the lead field organizer, and plans to stay in Idaho or Oregon when he graduates to pursue a master’s degree in psychology so he can become a high school or general practice counselor.

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