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Celebrating First-Generation Students – Sadia Abdulkadir

Sadia Abdulkadir

Sadia Abdulkadir arrived in America with her family as a refugee from Kenya at four years old. Now a sophomore social work major at Boise State, she is the first in her family to fully commit to earning a bachelor’s degree.

Abdulkadir was inspired to become a social worker after volunteering in the Boise community as part of a high school club. Though her college courses in social work have been emotionally difficult at times, Abdulkadir is certain she chose the right field because of how serving others has made her feel.

Abdulkadir also found TRIO in high school, and when she heard about TRIO Rising Scholars at Boise State, she was excited to continue in a program she knew would help her become a successful college student, and to help pay her experience forward as a TRIO peer mentor. The sense of community TRIO provides has also been a key factor in Abdulkadir’s college experience.

“The TRIO community is open minded, easy to communicate with and easy to get along with – it has made me want to come to school every day,” said Abdulkadir.

After earning her bachelor’s in social work, Abdulkadir wants to pursue a master’s degree in counseling so she can continue to work in the mental health field and serve others.

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