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EEB Research

The EEB program has a diverse group of faculty whose research and experience create notable strengths of the program, which include raptor biology, chemical ecology, plant evolution and diversity, biogeochemistry, human behavioral ecology, global change biology, conservation biology, and human-environment systems. Participation of scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (a federal research agency located on the Boise State campus) and The Peregrine Fund, (a non-profit organization located in Boise) create a collaborative and diverse environment for student training and a broad perspective about career paths for graduates.

EEB Student Cristina Barber conducts field research in Panama where her research looks at scaling up population dynamics of tropical forest trees in a reforesting landscape.

International Research

EEB faculty have a strong international presence, publishing work and researching all over the globe. They have collaborated with scientists around the world including partners in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Colombia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Madagascar, New Zealand and more.

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