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Faculty Researchers

Faculty researchers in the lab

The faculty researchers in the EEB program come from many different backgrounds and areas of study, providing students with a diverse and knowledgeable team of experts to learn from and work with.

Participating EEB Faculty Researchers

NameDepartmentResearch AreasFaculty Website LinkAccepting Students?EEB Course Participation
Cheryl AndersonAnthropologyBioarchaeology, Violence, Health and Inequality, Forensic Anthropology, PaleopathologyLearn More About Cheryl Anderson
Kathryn DempsAnthropologyCultural Evolution, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology Learn More About Kathryn Demps
Kristin SnopkowskiAnthropologyHuman Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary DemographyLearn More About Kristin Snopkowski
Allison WolfeAnthropology
John ZikerAnthropologyHuman Behavioral Ecology, Cooperation, Reproductive Ecology, ConservationLearn More About John Ziker
Yes*EEB 601
Jesse BarberBiologySensory Ecology, Animal Behavior, Conservation BiologyYes*EEB 601
Jim BelthoffBiologyBehavioral ecology, animal behavior, and avian biologyLearn More About Jim BelthoffRaptor Biology MS students
Leonora BittlestonBiologyMetagenomics, plant-microbe interactions, community ecologyLearn More About Leonora BittlestonYes*EEB 605
EEB 609
Sven BuerkiBiologyGenomics, evolutionary plant biology, bioinformaticsLearn More About Sven BuerkiYes*EEB 603
Trevor CaughlinBiologySeed dispersal, ecological restoration and landowner decision-making Learn More About Trevor CaughlinYes*EEB 622
EEB 697
Jay CarlisleBiologyAvian conservation, ecology, and migration Learn More About Jay CarlisleYes*
Sarah DalrympleBiologyBehavioral Ecology, Evolution Learn More About Sarah Dalrymple
Marie-Anne de GraaffBiologyPlant/Soil interactions in terrestrial ecosystemsLearn More About Marie-Anne de GraaffYes*
Kevin FerisBiologyMicrobial community ecology; carbon and nitrogen cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, algae biofuels, bioremediation studies Learn More About Kevin FerisYes*
Jennifer ForbeyBiologyPhysiological, chemical and pharmacological ecology Learn More About Jen ForbeyYes*EEB 601
Eric HaydenBiologyRNA evolution, biomedical & biotechnical molecules Learn More About Eric Hayden
Julie HeathBiologyornithology, physiology, conservation, global change biology Learn More About Julie HeathYes*EEB 601
EEB 605
Peter KoetsierBiologyAquatic ecology; lotic macroinvertebrate ecology Learn More About Pete Koetsier
Steve NovakBiologyPlant evolutionary biology; introduced species Learn More About Steve Novak
Ian RobertsonBiologyInsect behavior and ecology; plant-insect interactions Learn More About Ian Robertson
Marcelo SerpeBiologyPlant biochemistry and physiology Learn More About Marcelo Serpe
Jim SmithBiologyPlant molecular systematics, phylogenetic analyses, speciation, plant evolution Learn More About Jim SmithYes*
Amy UlappaBiologyAnimal Physiology, Comparative Anatomy, Animal Nutrition, General Biology III Ecology and Evolution Learn More About Amy Ulappa
Merlin WhiteBiologyFungal molecular systematics, arthropod-associated fungi Learn More About Merlin WhiteYes*
Jodi BrandtHuman-Environment SystemsLand use science, remote sensing, conservation biology Learn More About Jodi BrandtYes*
Megan CattauHuman-Environment SystemsLearn More About Megan Cattau
Vicken HillisHuman-Environment SystemsEnvironmental behavior, cultural evolution, cooperation Learn More About Vicken HillisYes*
Kelly HoppingHuman-Environment SystemsGlobal change, local ecological knowledge, alpine and grassland social-ecological systems Learn More About Kelly HoppingYes*EEB 601
Matt WilliamsonHuman-Environment SystemsLearn More About Matt Williamson
Shawn BennerGeosciencesEcohydrology, biogeochemistry Learn More About Shawn Benner
Brittany BrandGeosciencesEruption dynamics, sediment transport in volcanic flows, earthquake hazard information on household emergency preparedness Learn More About Brittany Brand
Alejandro FloresGeosciencesEcohydrology and modeling, remote sensing Learn More About Lejo Flores
Nancy GlennGeosciencesRemote sensing, image analysis, geological engineering Learn More About Nancy Glenn
Matt KohnGeosciencesGeochemistry, petrology, and paleoecology Learn More About Matt Kohn
Jen PierceGeosciencesGeomorphology & Paleoclimatology Learn More About Jen Pierce
Bastian ThomsenManagement socio-ecological systems, social entrepreneurship lens of wildlife ecotourism
Matthew GerminoUS Geological SurveyPlant-soil-climate relationships; biophysical ecology Learn More About Matthew GerminoYes*
Todd KatznerUS Geological SurveyConservation biology, ornithology, mammalogy Learn More About Todd KatznerNot Currently
David PilliodUS Geological SurveyHerpetology, wildlife ecology, stream & fire ecology Learn More About David Pilliod
Douglas ShinnemanUS Geological SurveyFire, landscape, restoration and, plant ecology Learn More About Douglas Shinneman
Chris McClureThe Peregrine FundVertebrate monitoring and ecological modeling
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