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Course Offerings

The interdisciplinary EEB program is proud to offer a variety of course offerings to meet graduate student needs and interests. Some courses may not be offered every term. It is important to refer to the schedule of courses for the semester to confirm a course will be offered.

To see the full course descriptions select the appropriate department/program hyperlink from the table below.

Department/ProgramCourseCourse DescriptionSemester(s) Offered
F=Fall , S=Spring, SU=Summer
AnthropologyANTH 501Adaptation and Human BehaviorF
AnthropologyANTH 502Human Evolutionary History and DevelopmentF
AnthropologyANTH 503History and Theory of AnthropologyF
AnthropologyANTH 504Statistical Methods in Anthropology S
AnthropologyANTH 513Research Design in Anthropology S
AnthropologyANTH 524Introduction to Cultural Resource Management S
AnthropologyANTH 540Fundamentals of Design Anthropology F
AnthropologyANTH 597Special TopicsF, S, SU
BiologyBIOL 500Organic EvolutionS
BiologyBIOL 513SymbiosisS (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 515Applied and Environmental Microbiology S
BiologyBIOL 515 - LABApplied and Environmental Microbiology LabS
BiologyBIOL 516Microbial EcologyS (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 522Conservation BiologyS (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 524Sensory EcologyF (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 526Insect EcologyS (Even Years)
BiologyBIOL 527Stream EcologyF (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 528Fish Biology and ManagementF (Even Years)
BiologyBIOL 533Behavioral Ecology F (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 534Principles of Fisheries and Wildlife Management S
BiologyBIOL 535Ecosystem EcologyF (Even Years)
BiologyBIOL 546BioinformaticsF
BiologyBIOL 561Advanced Topics in Aquatic BiologyF, S
BiologyBIOL 564Advanced Topics in Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogeography F, S
BiologyBIOL 570Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyF, S
BiologyBIOL 577Biomaterials F, S
BiologyBIOL 579Research in the Biological Sciences F, S
BiologyBIOL 579Special Topics - Eco Theory - Modeling Nature in F, S
BiologyBIOL 579 - LABSpecial Topics - Ecology of Shrubs-West N Amer F
BiologyBIOL 579 - LECSpecial Topics - Ecology of Shrubs-West N Amer F
BiologyBIOL 598Seminar - Various TopicsF, S,
BiologyBIOL 601BiometryF
BiologyBIOL 602Population and Community EcologyF
BiologyBIOL 604Introduction to College Biology TeachingF
BiologyBIOL 605Applied Raptor BiologyF (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 605Raptor EcologyF (Even Years)
BiologyBIOL 617Species and SpeciationF (Odd Years)
BiologyBIOL 697Special Topics - Research Methods in Human-Environment Systems
BiologyBIOL 697Special Topics - Landscape Ecology
BotanyBOT 305GSystematic BotanyS
BotanyBOT 305G - LABSystematic Botany LabS
BotanyBOT 501Plant PhysiologyF (Odd Years)
BotanyBOT 501 - LABPlant Physiology LabF (Odd Years)
BotanyBOT 524Plant Community EcologyF (Even Years)
BotanyBOT 524 - LABPlant Community EcologyF (Even Years)
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 601Principles and Processes in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior F
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 603Reproducible ScienceF
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 604Science and Communication II *EEB 603 Not Required to Enroll. See program for permission number.S
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 605Current Research in EEBS
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 607Quantitative Methods for Population and Habitat AnalysisS - Offered Spring 2020
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 622Statistical Approaches in EcologyS
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 691Comprehensive ExamF
Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorEEB 693DissertationF,S,SU
GeographyGEOG 560Intro to Geographic Information Systems F, S
GeographyGEOG 561Remote Sensing and Image Processing F, S
GeographyGEOG 597-Lec GIS Data and Communication F, S
GeosciencesGEOS 505Intro to Numerical Methods for Geosciences S
GeoscienceGEOS 516HydrologyF
GeosciencesGEOS 525Whole Earth Geochemistry F, S
GeosciencesGEOS 551Principles of Soil Scienceas justified
GeosciencesGEOS 562Geographic Information AnalysisF
GeosciencesGEOS 562 - LABGeographic Information Analysis LabF
GeosciencesGEOS 581Selected Topics in Remote SensingVaries
Human-Environment SystemsHES 500Foundations in Human-Environment Systems Science F, S
Human-Environment SystemsHES 597Special Topics - Social Network Analysis F, S
Human-Environment SystemsHES 598Human-Environment Systems Seminar - Social Network Analysis F
Human-Environment SystemsHES 598Human-Environment Systems Seminar - Intro to Spatial Data in RS 2020
Human-Environment SystemsHES 598Human-Environment Systems Seminar - Current Topics in HESS 2020
Human-Environment SystemsHES 600Research Methods in Human-Environment Systems Science F, S
Human-Environment SystemsHES 610Landscape Ecology S
Human-Environment SystemsHES 620Agent Based Modeling of Human-Environment Systems S
ZoologyZOOL 305GEntomology F
ZoologyZOOL 509General and Comparative Physiology S
ZoologyZOOL 509 Lab General and Comparative Physiology Lab S
ZoologyZOOL 534Animal BehaviorF (Even Years)
ZoologyZOOL 534 - LABAnimal Behavior LabF (Even Years)

Seminar Course Offerings

A list of current and past seminar topics offered by the Department of Biological Sciences.

BIOL 598Trade-off in Evolution EcologyJulie HeathFall 2019
BIOL 598Earth Science Data & AnalysisAnand Roopsind, Juan Requena-MullorFall 2019
BIOL 598Analysis of Remotely Sensed DataJodi Brandt, Trevor CaughlinSpring 2019
BIOL 598Animal Gut ConstructEric Hayden, Jennifer Forbey, Trevor CaughlinSpring 2019
BIOL 598Manuscript WritingCheryl JorcykSpring 2019
BIOL 597Biodiversity HotspotsJim Smith, Sven BuerkiFall 2018
BIOL 597Spatial/Ecological ModelingTrevor CaughlinFall 2018
BIOL 598Bird Dispersal and MigrationJulie HeathSpring 2018
BIOL 598Biological InvasionsSteve NovakSpring 2018
BIOL 598Ecology Vector-Borne ZoonoticJim BelthoffFall 2017
BIOL 598Spatial Analysis of Ecological Trevor CaughlinFall 2017
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