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Kolby Allowway earns NACE 2022 broadcaster of the year award

If you watch Boise State Esports, the first thing you’ll notice are our talented casters. But casting is a challenging job, requiring quick thinking, sharp wit, and ability to craft engaging storylines for each episode. Yet despite those challenges, Kolby “Diangelo” Alloway has become NACE 2022 Broadcaster of the Year!

Known by her gamertag “Diangelo,” Kolby Alloway first started as a player for the Bronco Overwatch team. Since then, she has gradually taken on the role of caster for many of Boise State’s broadcasts. Alloway brings a depth of gameplay knowledge to each airing and can break down complex team fights in an engaging way for viewers. Aside from talent, one of the biggest things valued at Boise State Esports is a strong work ethic. Alloway is a stand out in this area. Kolby is a driven and motived worker who has shown a desire to constantly broaden her horizons and find more ways to contribute to the program.

Alloway is majoring in interdisciplinary studies and will graduate in Summer 2023. Her three areas of emphasis are creative writing, arts entrepreneurship, and digital media. Her favorite video games include Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and Pok√©mon Unite. Furthermore, she is known for the telegenic plush figures she sometimes brings to sit beside her at the shoutcasters desk. For highlights from Kolby’s career and for future updates, subscribe to the Boise State Esports twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Kolby Alloway award photo
Starting out as a varsity student athlete on the Overwatch team, Kolby Alloway has become one of Boise State’s best casters.