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With style and swagger, student Greg Smith wins shoutcaster award.

One of the newest and most popular games Boise State Esports showcases is Riot Game’s tactical shooter Valorant. With the game being only a few years old, there has been a lot of fresh talent entering the scene, not just in Boise State’s varsity team, but also in its production sphere. At the forefront of that talent you’ll find Boise State student Greg “OldSoul” Smith. As an example of his skill, Smith recently won the NACE 2022 Shoutcaster of the Year award. Smith came onto the esports scene recently for Boise State, showing a huge passion for the game Valorant. He has become a crucial member of the team providing in depth analysis of game’s meta and team strategy.

Smith is currently a junior majoring in Physics. He will graduate in Spring 2024. Greg doesn’t just provide commentary for Valorant, but has also branched out to cast other games Boise State plays such as Rocket League and Overwatch. His knowledge and expertise isn’t the only thing viewers notice about Greg. He also dresses to impress for every broadcast displaying a signature three piece suit wardrobe. Without question, Greg is the best dressed member of the Esports team. To see more of Greg’s casting, check out the Boise State Esports twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Greg sits on couch wearing a headset with microphone
Greg Smith, 2022 Shoutcaster of the Year. Dressed in his signature three piece suit combo, Greg “OldSoul” Smith gives commentary for a Boise State Esports broadcast.