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Hue 2022 Invitational will be Broncos first major test of the season

With the start of the fall 2022 Esports season, the Boise State Esports arena is already filling up with varsity players both new and experienced. However, not even one month into the start of the semester, many of these players will have their talent tested at the HUE 2022 Invitational. HUE is an annual tournament run by Harrisburg University with teams competing in Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Posts on the HU Storm Esports Twitter page confirmed the Broncos will be joining over thirty other teams in Overwatch and Rocket League.

HUE Invitational 2022

Starting Wednesday August 17, all participating teams will compete in an online qualifier round. The qualifiers will take place through late August and early September. The top eight teams will travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for in person finals. Boise State has traveled to HUE for the past two years. Ultimate victory in the tournament has remained elusive for Boise State. Boise State has competed with its Overwatch team every year for HUE. 2022 marks the first year HUE is hosting Rocket League.

Tournament Expectations

Boise State’s Overwatch and Rocket League teams enter the HUE Invitational with multiple victories in the ECAC and Mountain West. But unlike those tournaments, HUE brings new challengers that feature some of the best collegiate rsports teams in the nation. Some of the top teams Boise State could face off against include Illinois State, Northwood, Fisher (formerly Bay State), and Harrisburg. These teams have proven a tough match for the Broncos in the past.

“It’s the beginning of the year,” says Chris Haskell, Boise State’s head esports coach, “While we have a lot of promise, nothing is guaranteed for us.” The Broncos plan to survey the playing talent of all other teams competing to find out where the Boise State lands in the nation overall. Once the Broncos get a sense of where they stand, they will plan out their season practice accordingly. The ultimate goal is to learn the Bronco’s skill and improve it. Hopefully, HUE 2022 will mark an energetic start to the Bronco’s esports season.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Hue Tournament Announcement
Over 30+ teams will compete in the 2022 HUE Invitational.