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Madden player Wacey Willimas earns yet another championship victory

Wacey Williams, Boise State’s Madden player, added another victory to his record in the ECAC 2022 Madden Championships. The championship match took place against Cumberland on April 28, 2022. Wacey completely shut out the competition with a 3-0 victory in the best of 5 match. Each game had a score of 17-0, 21-3, and 28-11. Furthermore, Wacey has already won the Fall 2021 ECAC tournament, and finished as runner up in NVCG Madden.

Wacey’s Record

Wacey plays Madden completely solo, with no teammates. Despite this, Wacey has proven he can get the job done for the Broncos. Moreover, he has one of the best win/loss records for the program with a 21-1 record, every single victory being a clean sweep. The only game that Wacey lost was against University of Albany on Februrary 10, 2022.  Through all of his victories, Wacey has maintained a calm and collected attitude in the program focusing on the task at hand. It’s not often it can be said that just one player holds up an entire game for an esports program, but Wacey Williams is that case.

Looking Forward

This next semester will be an exciting one for Wacey. He will be competing in the Fall 2022 ECAC and Next Level Madden tournaments. Williams is currently a Senior with Fall 2022 being his last semester before graduation. He is studying to get a major in Business. Boise State Esports wishes Wacey the best of luck in the upcoming semester and hopes he can add one more championship win to his record.

Lastly, speaking of the upcoming season, you can get more info on how to join the Bronco’s esports team on the Boise State Esports tryouts page. You can see his latest win against Cumberland on Boise State’s Youtube Page. And you can catch all of Wacey’s upcoming matches on the Boise State Twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Wacey Williams Picture
Standing as a one man army, Wacey Williams has led Boise State to multiple Madden championship wins.