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2022 proves to be banner year for Boise State Rocket League

2022 was one of the best years for the Boise State’s rocket league teams. The Bronco’s won the Mountain West and ECAC tournaments. They also finished as finalists in CRL Rocket League which is the most prestigious and competitive tournament in the game. These wins are the result of many years of tough practice and dedication for all the players involved. Some of the Rocket League players are fairly new, and others have been with the program all the way back to its first year.

The two teams consist of players Gabriel Reynolds, James Gilmer, Kyle Ady, Miles Herget, Jared Frank, and Payton Wilkins. Some of these players have just graduated such as Miles “Cosmobuster” Herget. As a result these players have earned a spot in the Boise State Esports Hall of Fame. Other players are still playing for the Broncos and are looking for even more victories in Fall 2022. If you are interested in watching these past championship wins then head to Boise State Esports Youtube page. To watch all upcoming broadcasts of Rocket League, stay tuned to the Boise State Esports Twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Rocket League Team
Boise State currently has two rocket league teams made up of 3 players each. Both have earned multiple tournament wins.