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Boise State gets Mountain West victory trifecta with Valorant win

Boise State has earned a trifecta of victories in the Mountain West thanks to the Bronco Valorant team. The team joined the Bronco Overwatch and Rocket League players as the undisputed esports kings of the Mountain West. Their Spring 2022 season marks one of the best years the Bronco’s have had in the region. Unlike most tournaments, the Mountain West has only one championship per year. Furthermore, due to all schools being in close proximity to each other, intense rivalries can form. One of these rivals is UNLV who the Broncos faced in the semi-finals and beat in a 2-0 sweep. The Bronco’s ultimately faced off against Hawaii and won in overtime in a nail biting 2-1 series.

The Mountain West has been one of the most supportive organizations when it comes to Esports. Boise State’s history with the Mountain West is quite extensive with the Bronco’s competing in a show match against UNLV all the way back near the beginning of the program. Boise State has even traveled on the road to face off in Mountain West matches, heading to big names cities such as Las Vegas. Ultimately the 2022 year has been the pinnacle of many years of practice and determination for the Broncos and the perfect excuse for the writer of this news piece to use the fancy word “trifecta”. For more information on how to join Bronco Esports, check out our tryout page. And to see all upcoming Fall 2022 events, go to Boise State Esports Twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

mountain west valorant
The Boise State Valorant team earned a total sweep of victories for three of Boise State’s played games.