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Doc Haskell named best collegiate Esports director of 2022

Doc Haskell, head coach of Boise State Esports, has received even more recognition for his contributions to collegiate Esports. EsportsU, also known as the Collegiate Esports Commissioners Cup (CECC), named Haskell Best Collegiate Director of the Year for 2022. The CECC gave out the award at their Coaches and Directors Summit in mid August. The CECC is organizer of various events including CECC Atlanta 2022, an in-person event which hosted 64 of the top collegiate teams in Atlanta. Boise State attended the event of course.

Though he will often deflect praise to students, Doc Haskell has been an indispensable keystone for Boise State Esports. Haskell, along with Dr. Brett Shelton formed the program in 2017. To say the Esports program had humble beginnings would be an understatement. Haskell oversaw the first ever Esports event at Boise State, an exhibition League of Legends match hosted in the student union building.  Now, Haskell oversees a program of five varsity teams and over 300 student club members. Some of the original Twitch broadcasts were hosted out of Dr. Haskell’s office. Now, Boise State Esports has its own dedicated arena located in the heart of downtown Boise.

Every year Doc has been in the program has been a year of unprecedented growth and achievement. The Broncos have won many titles across the Mountain West, PlayVS, NACE, and ECAC championships under Haskell’s tenure. At this point, Doc looks to continue this trend in 2022, as he gets ready to travel with the Overwatch and Rocket League teams to Harrisburg for HUE 2022.”

Written by Jacob Palmer.

doc award graphic
Doc Haskell won the title of EsportsU Collegiate Director of the Year at EsportsU’s Coaches and Directors Summit 2022.