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Emiliano “Durtho” Flores breathes new life into Boise State Rocket League.

Of the games Boise State plays, Rocket League has had the most stable roster. Many of Boise State’s Rocket League players stay with the program throughout their entire time at college. The most notable of these “old hands” was Miles “Cosmobuster” Herbert who played for the Broncos for four years. But 2022 is proving to be a year of change for Boise State. With many veteran students graduating, a new generation of talent has stepped up to compete. At the forefront of that is Emiliano “Durtho” Flores, Boise State’s newest player for Rocket League.


Though Boise State is a collegiate program, it frequently hosts events for high schools. Many of Boise State’s current players have been recruited this way. Durtho is no exception. “I found Boise State through an online tournament for high schoolers,” Flores said in an interview, “One thing that interested me about Boise State was… academically they’re very inclined and that drew me in in a heartbeat. Especially with how good their Esports program is.”

durtho recruitment
Emiliano “Durtho” Flores at the time of his recruitment to the Broncos.
Rocket League

Durtho has shown a passion for Rocket League for more than half a decade. “I’ve been playing Rocket League since 2015, so I was like 11 or 12ish when I first found it,” said Durtho, “Ever since I picked it up, I knew I wanted to go pro.” In the seven years since he found the game, Flores has risen to a peak ranking of Supersonic Legend and an MMR of 2275. His dedication to professionalism in the game is even found in his current gamertag. “I always liked how pro players names were very simple, concise, and rolled off the tongue,” Flores explained about his name, “It was a made up word that rolled off the tongue.” If the beginning of this season has been any indicator, many people will soon be remembering that name.

Current Goals

Currently, Durtho is excelling in his new role at Boise State. He is currently playing with Gabriel “Gil Reynolds and Kyle “Instinct” Ady, in the Hue 2022 qualifiers. Already Durtho is showing his talent with Boise State qualifying to travel to the in-person finals of the tournament in Harrisburg, PA. Even though he’s only one month into his time with Boise State, he has already expressed his happiness with how everything has been going. “It’s nothing short of what I wanted,” says Durtho.

You can catch broadcasts of Durtho on Boise State’s Twitch page! Written by Jacob Palmer.

Durtho with team
Emiliano “Durtho” Flores in the Boise State State Esports Arena.