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A new face behind the controls, Tomio “Togafu” Fujino joins production team

While our talented varsity players get the brunt of viewers attention for their exciting plays, there is a whole army of other students behind the scenes working to produce fun and engaging content. Our production staff features a variety of talented students looking to shape their skills in video production and editing. Just like students are recruited to our program as players, students are also recruited for production staff. Tomio “Togafu” Fujino is one of the newest additions to the Boise State Esports production team.

Fujino was born in Long Beach, CA but grew up most of his life in Boise. He has lived in Boise for 13 years and is enjoying his time on campus. One of the things he’s most enjoyed about campus is how close and accessible it is to downtown Boise and the esports arena. “While I’ve had time to explore what the campus offers, the eSports Arena is entirely new to me. The downtown location is wonderfully a bike’s ride away,” Toga commented.

He decided to attend Boise State due to its proximity and lower cost of attending in-state. He is currently in his senior year and getting a degree in English with an emphasis in Technical Communication. During his free time he likes to play League of Legends casually. When it comes to competitive play, Togafu enjoys the more established, and considerably much older game of chess. In terms of his life goals, Togafu has expressed a huge interest to surpass Matt Mercer as an icon and a GM. But on a more realistic level, he wishes to work at Wizards of the Coast as a head editor.

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Written by Jacob Palmer.

togafu production picture
Tomio “Togafu” Fujino joined Boise State Esports during his Senior year.