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New player Carter “Lyric” Jones among Hue 2022 Overwatch finalists

Boise state has been confirmed to be competing as finalists for the HUE 2022 Invitational in Overwatch and Rocket League. Among the veteran players attending will be selection of new talent for Boise State. One player, Emiliano “Durtho” Flores has already made quite a splash in the Rocket League scene. However, he isn’t the only new player that will be travelling to HUE. New recruit Carter “Lyric” Jones will also be looking to make a statement at the tournament in Overwatch.

Lyric plays in the support role for Boise State’s Overwatch team. Lyric’s journey with Boise State started right out of high school through participating in the Esports Tower Summer Invitational, hosted on campus. He has been playing Overwatch casually for many years, starting on the Xbox in 2017. “One of my childhood friends mentioned the game at school and I decided to buy a copy on Xbox. At the time I had no idea that the pro or collegiate scene existed,” says Lyric.

Lyric comes from Sugar Grove, IL, a small town of under 10,000 residents just west of the Chicago metro area. He is studying in Computer Science, with a graduation date of Spring 2026. Lyric is currently finishing his first month of living on campus and is enjoying his new home. “Boise is appealing to me because everything is so accessible. I can ride my bike downtown in a matter of minutes, yet you don’t feel claustrophobic being on campus,” says Lyric. Also a subject of Lyrics praise was the mountains just to the north of Boise, “I prefer looking at mountains to seeing corn fields for miles.”

Lyric’s first time traveling with the Bronco’s will be soon. The HUE 2022 finals will take place September 24-25.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Carter Lyric Portrait
Portrait by Priscilla Grover