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Boise State Qualifies for CRL 2022 Fall League

Boise State’s new Rocket League team goes into the fall with a big accomplishment under their belts. The Broncos have qualified to participate in the Collegiate Rocket League Fall 2022 season. Boise State joins 31 other teams who will complete in the eastern and western conferences for the event. The CRL tournament is the most prestigious Rocket League tournament in the collegiate space and 2022 marks the second year the Bronco’s have qualified for the event.

The 2022-23 CRL season will award over $300,000 of scholarship awards this academic year. So far, two qualifiers for the event have taken place from September 25 to October 2. 16 teams from the western conference qualified. Starting on October 10, the 32 eastern and western teams will compete for over a month in CRL. The top 8 teams from both the eastern and western conference will then move on to the fall playoffs.

Those wishing to follow the Broncos journey through the CRL have many options. Specifically, league play matches will be broadcast on the CRL’s official Twitch page. The teams that qualify for the grand finals will have the honor of being showcased on the official Rocket League Twitch page. And finally, to follow the Broncos throughout all of the other tournaments the fall season has to offer, follow Boise State Esports Twitch Page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

boise state rocket league 2023
Boise State’s rocket league team competing in the Boise State Esports arena