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The Broncos are now NACE national champions

Boise State Overwatch has just beaten the best. In a thrilling match against the UT Dallas Comets this last Saturday, the Bronco won the NACE national championships in Overwatch. The victory marks a triumphant end to a landmark 2022 Fall season.

Boise NACE Nationals
Boise State competing against UT Dallas at the NACE Championships in Philidelphia, PA

Both teams played each other on December 3, 2022 with the Broncos having to travel over 2,400 miles to make it to Philadelphia. The match was decided rather quickly, with the Broncos sweeping the Comets 3-0 in a best of five.  The match was culmination all all the hard work the Bronco’s had put in throughout the Fall 2022 NACE tournament. Throughout the whole season, Boise State faced off against tough opponents such a defending champions Northwood University.

NACE Starleague broadcast the event on their Twitch page. The broadcast from that day has already garnered over a quarter of a million views. However, online viewers weren’t the only ones cheering on the Broncos. Several in-person visitors also attended, including the grandparents of player Johnathan “Clear” Foraker, who live in Redding, PA.

Boise State head coach Doc Haskell, who joined the team for the event, expressed tremendous excitement for the Broncos achievement at NACE, while also speaking highly of the quality of opponents the Broncos had to beat.

“The NACE championship is the pinnacle of collegiate competition,” said Haskell. “These schools have the same requirements and obligations that we do. We know that these players are like out players. And we were victorious.”

Written by Jacob Palmer