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2022 Year in Review

2022 was one of the most exciting years for Boise State Esports. The program achieved many different competitive victories over the course of the last year. In addition, major events and changes took place at Boise State Esports physical venues, from special events to arena renovations. As the new year approaches along with the holiday season, here is a look back at everything of note that happened for the Broncos in 2022.

Competitive Victories

Boise State achieved many notable wins during the 2022 Spring and Fall semesters. In particular was the Bronco’s absolutely dominant performance in the Mountain West. In spring, Boise State won the Mountain West Championships in Overwatch, Rocket League, and Valorant. The Rocket League team then won a second championship title by winning in the Fall season as well, capping off a perfect 17-0 season.

boise nace trophy
Head coach Doc Haskell poses with the Overwtach team after the team won the NACE national championship.

The Overwatch team also won more than the Mountain West championship this year. In a spectacular 3-0 sweep against UT Dallas, the Bronco’s won the NACE championship as well. These two victories took place in a very unique year for the Broncos, who had to swap from 6v6 Overwatch 1, to 5v5 Overwatch 2 halfway through the fall semester.

No to be outdone, the Bronco’s had an astounding run when it came to Rocket League. Boise State qualified for the CRL regular season and made it all the way to the playoffs in the league’s West Division. Player Emilliano “Durtho” Flores was named CRL rookie of the year for his breakout performance during his first season.

Production and Program Awards

Boise State also had a great showing in Halo, winning the ECAC championships during the spring semester. Star collegiate Madden player  Wacey Williams also had a fantastic year, winning the ECAC and finishing 2nd in HVGC. Boise State’s production team was also honored for their work during 2022. Hayden Dalton, Kolby Alloway, and Greg Smith were all honored with titles such as Producer, Broadcaster, and Shoutcaster of the year respectively. Calvin Draper and Zeke Wandeler were also recognized by NACE for their fantastic work as Boise State’s social media managers during 2022. Boise State was also named Esports program of the year at the 2022 Tempest Awards

All in all, Boise State won seven different championships, earned over 12 new trophies for display, and traveled across the country 10 times during 2022. It is one of the most successful years the program has ever had. For eight students in particular, this year marked their graduation from Boise State. Seven students earned their Bachelors and one their Masters degree during 2022. Some have already been immortalized on Boise State Esports hall of fame in the arena.

A Busy Arena

With 2022 marking the end of many pandemic related restrictions, the Boise State Esports arena was abuzz with activity throughout the year. Boise State hosted multiple events throughout 2022. Some of the most notable of these events were the 2022 LoL worlds watch party, multiple LAN parties for local companies, and local partnerships with organizations such as Boise Library!. But perhaps the most memorable event was Boise State’s partnership with the NFL Salute to Service Madden tournament. For casters Adam McGuire and Neal Wiley, the event will live in infamy with over nine straight hours of Madden being broadcast in just one day!

Spectators crowd into the Boise State Esports Arena to watch League Worlds 2022 (Photo by Joanie Paraiso)

The Esports Arena itself had many new additions during 2022. Additional equipment such as more TVs and consoles were brought in to help support Smash Bros and Halo as new additions to Boise State’s competitive lineup. Energy drink maker GFuel partnered with Boise State to help build a fueling station for players. This addition brings the total count of different caffeinated beverages available at the arena to over 11. And most notably, the main arena is currently undergoing a major December renovation to expand its stage and viewing capacity.

Year in Review

There were many more events in 2022 for Boise State Esports, all of which would be impossible to fit in just one article. Overall though, the 12 months of 2022 brought in many exciting and memorable moments for Boise State. Most notably…

12+ Brand New Trophies
11 Caffeine Sources
10 Cross Country Trips
9 Straight Hours of Madden
8 Recent Graduates
7 Championship Wins
6 Supported Games
5 New Smash Players
4 Production Awards
3 CRL Finalists
2 Overwatch Versions
And a Newly Renovated Arena

A Happy Holidays and New Year to everybody from Boise State Esports!

Written by Jacob Palmer