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Boise State Esports handles production for a variety of collegiate and high school programs.

Boise State Esports is no stranger to broadcasting its matches online. The program has an extensive library of hundreds of broadcasts on its Twitch and Youtube pages. However, Boise State also provides its broadcasting services to a number of third-party organizations for their Esports programs. These programs serve both collegiate, high school, and local esports audiences.

NACE Starleague

Boise State has most recently partnered with NACE Starleague to broadcast the entire Spring 2023 Hearthstone season. Over the next few months, Boise State will broadcast three qualifier events as well as one grand final under the NACE Starleague name. The event is officially named the Hearthstone Collegiate Challenge and is broadcast on NACE Starleague’s twitch page.  Boise State provides not only on-camera talent and an arena to broadcast from, but also created all of the graphical overlays and assets used during the broadcast.


Boise State is also continuing it’s longstanding partnership with the USO to bring esports competition to America’s military service members and their families. Currently Boise State is broadcasting the USO’s DODEA Rocket League Season. The competition brings together a variety of high schools from Guam, Japan, and South Korea. All competing high schools are located on US military bases. This exciting partnership gives the students at these schools the opportunity to not only experience competitive rocket league for the first time, but also a chance to connect with a larger community during their time overseas.

Players gather inside the Boise State Esports battleground for a community event.
Other Partnerships

Of course, these two organizations are hardly the only ones the program works with. One of Boise State Esport’s longest partnerships has been Esports Tower, an organization which provides competitive esports events as well as coaching to high school students. Boise State has also partnered with the Missouri High School Esports association to broadcast high school matches out of Missouri. The partnerships don’t just extend to purely academic organizations. Local libraries such as the Bown Crossing Library! have hosted tournaments at the arena.  Various local businesses have partnered with Boise State as well for local events and entire tournaments. Some of these businesses include Kount and Black Box VR, and Idaho Central Credit Union.

Boise State Esports continues to grow in the scope of how many local and national businesses it partners with. And more are soon to be announced in the coming next few months!

Written by Jacob Palmer