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Five Fun Facts you didn’t know about Kellen “Kell” McGurkin

Kellen “Kell” McGurkin is a star tank player for Boise State’s Overwatch team. He is in his senior year of college pursuing a political science degree. Over the course of his time as a varsity player, Boise State has won multiple championships in Overwatch including the NACE national championship and multiple Mountain West championships. However, all of these Overwatch related accomplishments have already been covered ad-nauseum. It’s time to shine a light on things that really matter, five completely random facts you might not know about Kell.

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Fact 1: He’s the Best Smash Player in the Overwatch Team

Kell is often flying around the country with the varsity Overwatch team to attend various championships. During those trips, there can be a lot of free time to fill. One of the ways the Overwatch team fills that time is by playing Smash Bros on flights and in hotels. Through these friendly matches it’s been determined that Kell is the best Smash player outside of Boise State’s varsity Smash team. He likes playing Rob the most, but due to complaints from his teammates, he’s started playing Samus and Mario instead.

Fact 2: The Stars Align for a Poly-Sci Degree

In contrast to many college students who take a lot of time to choose their degree, it seems Kell has had his eyes set on public engagement for a long time. During his sophomore year of high school in Latah County, (Kell is from Moscow, ID) he won the MLK Jr County Fair writing contest for high schoolers. The topic of his essay was on the Syrian refugee crisis happening at the time. So Kell has been plugged into current events for a while.

Fact 3: He’s REALLY Going After a Poly-Sci Degree

While many would have been happy with the writing accomplishment Kell achieved during his sophomore year, Kell, like any true politician at heart, yearned for a greater legacy. During his senior year of high-school, he helped found the Moscow mayors youth advisory council. He helped raise over $3,000 for local food banks during the group’s first charity event. All before he graduated from high school. So maybe it’s time you brush the Cheeto crumbs off your shirt, get up from the recliner, and do something productive with your life.

Fact 4: Like a True Politician, He’s Needlessly Stirring the Pot

Kell feels the need to make his position on the whole pancakes vs waffle debate very clear. He describes himself as a diehard pancakes over waffles enjoyer, stating, “Pancakes are soft and fluffy. Waffles are dry.”

This is a bold opinion to have. It’s also completely wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG. Obviously he’s another politician in the making who’s been bought and sold for by the pancake lobby.

Fact 5: It Runs in the Family

One of Kell’s older brothers attended Boise State before Kell. When Kell was younger, he attended a Mountain West Boise State vs UNLV game. During this game, Kell first became interested in attending Boise State and being a Bronco. He now brags to his older brother about the win record Boise State has against UNLV in esports.

I’ll give you one guess as to what major Kell’s older brother was pursuing.

It seems like destiny Kell was to attend Boise State with an interest in politics. And snarky jokes aside, based on all he’s accomplished, it seems he has a bright future ahead of him in his field. Although, here’s a word of warning to Kell once he graduates.

“Mothers may still want their favorite sons to grow up to be President but, according to a famous Gallup poll of some years ago, they do not want them to become politicians in the process.” – John F. Kennedy

To see more of Kell, then head on over to Boise State’s Twitch and Youtube pages during the school’s competitive season.

Written by Jacob Palmer