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Biomolecular Sciences Seminar Series: Dr. Ross Buchan

April 10 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Presenter Information

Speaker: Dr. Ross Buchan, Associate Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology at University of Arizona

Short Description of Research: The Buchan lab studies diverse topics related to RNA biology and proteostasis, spanning both basic and translational topics of research. Historically, we have focused on stress granules and P-bodies, which are cytoplasmic “biomolecular condensates”, otherwise known as liquid-like membraneless organelles. Much is known about their assembly and composition, though less understood is the functional significance of their assembly, and the mechanisms by which cells clear them following cellular stress conditions. This latter point is important as aberrant stress granule persistence in particular is linked to disease states including cancer and ALS. We are studying these questions, along with other interests in ALS proteostasis and novel roles of mRNA 3’UTRs in scaffolding nascent protein interactions, using yeast and human cell culture models.

Seminar Details

Host: Dr. Allan Albig, Biological Sciences

Title: Stress granules and P-bodies: Seeking coherence in acts of disappearance

Abstract: Stress granules (SGs) and P-bodies (PBs) are conserved cytoplasmic condensates consisting of non-translating mRNA, RNA binding proteins and a host of additional biomolecules. While much has been learned in recent years about the composition and assembly mechanisms of these condensates, fundamental questions remain regarding their function, as well as their mechanisms of clearance. This may be of translational relevance to both Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and various cancers, where aberrant accumulation of stress granules in particular has been theorized to facilitate disease progression. Recent findings by our lab and others on the mechanisms of SG and PB clearance will be discussed, along with the potential relevance of such understanding to disease progression. In addition, recent lab data on a role for the SG-assembly factor G3BP1 in regulating cell cycle progression and DNA damage responses will also be highlighted.

Publication Related to Talk: Stress granule and P-body clearance: Seeking coherence in acts of disappearance