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eCampus Center Welcomes Amy Vecchione as Assistant Director of eCampus Research and Innovation

Amy Vecchione, Assistant Director of eCampus Research and Innovation
Amy Vecchione, Assistant Director of eCampus Research and Innovation

The eCampus Center is excited to announce Amy Vecchione as the new Assistant Director of eCampus Research and Innovation.

Vecchione is a proponent of online education and evidence-based practices and is deeply passionate about student equity, access and success. Her passion, prior experience and expertise have helped prepare her to lead the eCampus Center team through research and innovation for student success.

Since joining Boise State in 2009, students, staff and faculty have benefitted from Vecchione’s leadership skills and her extensive expertise in emerging technologies and experiential learning. In her recent role as the Emerging Technology and Experiential unit head in Albertsons Library, Vecchione created Boise State’s MakerLab. Over the years, she has led her high-performing team to evolve the MakerLab into a university-wide initiative that has made an institutional, local and global impact.

Vecchione has made continual improvement for student success a priority in her professional career. Her work in emerging technologies has utilized assessment methods like user experience, design thinking and other formal research methods — all with the online student experience as the focal point.

“I am passionate about designing systems that remove barriers for our students,” Vecchione said. “I believe that online learning and innovations can help support all of our students to succeed. How might we innovate with technology and other creative solutions to support students where they are?”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vecchione had the chance to collaborate with individuals at Boise State, the State of Idaho, and even internationally to innovate and solve pressing issues. In 2020, Vecchione served as Faculty Senate President and worked on an important policy: Instructional Material Access and Affordability (III.U). In this process, Vecchione heard concerns, saw opportunities and helped craft a policy designed for everyone on campus. Vecchione conducted environmental scans and read the data and research.

In addition to her work with a research design team in Albertsons Library to grow in her formal research skills, Vecchione has published numerous scholarly articles and presentations, completed her master’s degree online and developed and delivered online learning experiences through her work in the MakerLab and teaching classes at Boise State. Vecchione’s experience goes beyond conducting research and extends to providing faculty development to increase research competence and capacity for faculty.

Her dedication towards emerging technologies, experiential learning and student success will be a tremendous asset to the eCampus Center Research and Innovation team.

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