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About Us

About the MakerLab

The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities. R. David Lankes

The MakerLab is housed in Albertsons Library at Boise State University. With the vision to empower Boise State learners and researchers, the MakerLab serves the students, staff, and faculty to create new information. They create prototypes, ideas, products, solutions, code, files, parts, and most importantly – they create community.

The MakerLab is a radically inclusive community with a clear pipeline to fabrication resources, entrepreneurial support, and information resources. Users come to the space to collaborate, build, hack, invent, share, make, and do. The MakerLab employees help facilitate users to make for the social good to create solutions that solve local and social issues. The Coaches and Leads work to empower everyone to acquire new skills and help their dreams come to life.

There are many themes in the maker culture. A healthy maker community is one where knowledge is shared openly, and where users engage in personal growth by sharing ideas and experiences with one another. We strive to empower everyone and have a motto of “let’s let them.” We believe that true innovations happen when everyone is encouraged to try new things to solve local issues. We welcome everyone, encourage them, and bring them back.

Read and review our annual reports in ScholarWorks. Amy Vecchione has published and presented on makerspaces, and you can find some of that material at Amy’s BePress Selected Works site.

Selected News Stories

MakerLab Staff Fall 2022

  • Yitzy Paul

    Yitzy Paul

    Head MakerLab Instruction Faculty

  • Caleb Ashcraft

    MakerLab Manager

  • Vacant

    MakerLab Lead

  • Vacant

    MakerLab Coach